Tech Tuesday - August Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Review

We already own a number of August products, most recently we reviewed Augusts WS300 and WS150 Multiroom Wireless Airplay speakers.  We use these a lot throughout the home as they are portable and easy to use.  When I was asked to try a set of wireless headphones I was happy to give them a try. We were sent a pair of EP636R wireless stereo headphones

The most important thing to know about these headphones is that they are literally wireless. Once you have charged the set, they connect to all bluetooth devices easily and you are then free from wires to walk around without being attached to your set. One charge can last up to 12 hours so really strong battery life compared to some other sets out there. 

The headphones can also be used to chat with your friends without finding your Phone. They have an on Ear Remote and Mic for handsfree calling and track / volume control. 

The performance of the headphones is surprisingly good for the price. Dynamic 40mm drivers produce a powerful sound with balanced lows and mids.

One feature that I really like is how light the headphones are - Little J is only 3, and loves music. He is always singing and dancing and loves anything that his brother listens to.  Whilst trying out the set he wanted to have a go and the headphones stayed on his ears even with him running around jumping to the music.  The volume controls on the headphones aren't made for little hands so there was no chance of him turning the volume up too high. So although they aren't designed for little ones, they are actually a really good set for them. 

Visually, the headphones are practical and compact. They don't shout ‘look at me’ like some over the head sets do, and they don't look too cheap either.  The cushions over the ear are comfortable and the headband is adjustable for those who want to wear over a hat, or just have bigger than average heads. 

August are a brand that I now feel are gaining traction in the marketplace, feel free to check out the range, you’ll be surprised at what you can get for your money when you aren't looking at a high end brand. The EP636R bluetooth headphones are a very reasonably priced set of simple bluetooth over the ear headphones that are true to form for August.  They come in four colours, Black, White, Red or Silver and are just £27.95 on Amazon for a set.  I remember buying my first set of bluetooth headphones and they cost over £200.  Prices have come down as a lot more developers have come into the bluetooth market. 

Guest post by John


  1. These look great! LOve the colour too!

  2. Haven't seen the brand locally as yet. Seem worth a try given the information in the review.

    Rachel Craig


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