Our New Years Eve

This is a little late, but better late than never I suppose. We ended 2016 with a visit to the Liverpool Ice Festival. It's something we did a few years ago and we thought it would be nice to do it again. Both Daddy and I aren't keen on New Years Eve so a nice day out was perfect.

We booked Ice skating for Big J and Daddy and it looked so much fun however little J and I were happy to just watch. We did have a giggle at some of the people who were falling over including Daddy. Big J was really good and didn't fall or stumble once. The session was for 45 minutes and in that time little J ate his packed lunch while we watched the skating.

Next the boys went on some rides. It is all token based so we purchased a token bundle and let them choose what they wanted. Little J absolutely loves rides just like his big brother so was running from one to another.

Daddy went on a big ride with big J and I was happy to watch and take photos. It is a popular fairground ride that he has been on many times in New Brighton, Butlins and Blackpool. It seemed really fast but by the look on their faces they both really enjoyed it.

I then decided I would go on another big ride with Big J. Oh my goodness, never again. I screamed the whole way through, it was so scary. Big J loved it and went on twice however once was enough for me.

Daddy, big J and little J all had three slides on the ice slide which looks so much fun. This was little J's first time on anything like this and he loved it.

Next we went on the Liverpool Wheel. We have been on this before but it's really good. I love looking over our beautiful city.

Last but not least we had a delicious meal at Pizza Express. The perfect end to another year. 


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  1. Wow, looks like you all had a brilliant time. We tried the ice rink at Hampton court for the first time this year with our littlest. 30 minutes was long enough for her. @rainbowsaretoo from #playdaysandrunways


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