Schleich Large Farm, Animals and Accessories Review

Recently when we were shopping in Hamley's we noticed the Schleich range of figures and play sets. I spent a couple of minutes looking at the animals especially the horses and I was so impressed with the quality of them. Little J was actually looking for a dinosaur so we decided to buy him a Schleich one. It's really lovely and the detail is amazing. Shortly after we actually received the Large Schleich Farm to review and I was so excited. I knew instantly that it would be a hit with the whole family.

When we laid the pieces out it was obvious how much time and effort it must take to create such a set like this. The detail and quality really stands out.

When it arrived we decided to hide it from little J. I knew just by looking at it that it would take a little while to set up and there is nothing worse than an impatient child wanting to play with a toy that needs building. So we decided to tackle it when little J was in bed. However that night once all the pieces were out the box little J decided he wasn't sleepy so ended up helping Daddy.  I actually just watched as Daddy and little J seemed to have it under control.

Setting up wasn't as hard a I had imagined, once Daddy got in to it he was a whizz and from start to finish it took 46 minutes. He did somehow manage to skip a few steps so did have to backtrack a little.

Little J couldn't wait to get stuck in, in fact he didn't wait as he was playing while Daddy was building it. He was particularly interested in the cows and enjoyed feeding them 'broccoli'

So that he was able to play better, we detached the roof and used them as two outside stables. 

The ladder was another favourite as the farmer used it to climb on top of the cow.

All the accessories are high quality and can be used however way you wish. Little J attached the red bucket to the fence so the pig had something to drink.

All doors and windows open and also the gates can be open or shut. There is an outside area for the animals too which is great for extending play and imagination. 

There is a harness that moves across the top of the farm which you can load the hay on to. I thought it may be for the animals although little J said its so the cows can have some lunch. You can turn the handle to make it move across the top and it goes right outside the farm building too. 


What We Loved

The quality of the farm, animals and the accessories is amazing. The attention to detail is incredible.

It's opened up little J's imagination, creating different role play.

Durable. I know this will last a long time.

Fun. Most children enjoy animals and have been to a farm at some point in the childhood so can relate to the animals.

Play can be extended by adding more Schleich figures and accessories or just there own toys.

What Could Improve

Nothing, we love it.


 If I am honest this wouldn't be something we would usually buy him, I thought it may have been too old after seeing the pieces but its been two weeks now and he absolutely loves it. His imagination when playing is incredible. He has created scenarios and introduced other figures and animals from various other play sets he owns and he is having a great time playing. Both Daddy and I have also enjoyed this one and can imagine adults buying this set who may collect Schleich figures.

To view more of the range you can visit Schleich.

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