Disney Princess Colours of the Sea Ariel Toddler Doll Review

Both little J and I were excited when Colours of the Sea Ariel from JAKKS Pacific arrived this week. I knew she was on her way but I didn't tell little J so when he opened the box his little face lit up. He loves Disney and Disney Princesses and is always trying to play with my collector Disney dolls so at first he wasn't sure whether he could touch her or not. When I told him Ariel was for him and she could go in the bath he instantly pulled her out of the cardboard box and wanted me to open her.

He soon spotted the hole in the plastic box which usually indicates a 'try me' or 'press here' button so he pressed it and we heard Ariel sing 'Part Of Your World' from the movie The Little Mermaid. Her tail also lit up which was lovely.

There are 3 play modes for Colours Of The Sea Ariel.

Play Mode One

If you press the seashell on Ariel's necklace she will sing and also say some phrases. Her tails lights up too.

Play Mode Two

If you dip Ariel's tail in the water it will activate the music and she will also say different phrases. Her tail will light up.

Play Mode Three

If you press Ariel's seashell on her necklace while her tail is in the water she will sing and also it will activate even more phrases while her tail lights up.

There is a language button on the back of her neck which you can press to activate English or Spanish phrases and music.

Once we had made a bubble bath we popped Ariel in and she was able to stand up on her tail. As soon as her tail touched the water she began to sing. Once she had finished we could either press her seashell on her necklace or dip her in again.

Ariel can be submerged in the water which is perfect as before I had checked little J had already started to wash her hair. Then she fell backwards and was floating while singing Part of your world.

Colours of the sea Ariel also comes with a cute Flounder toy which squirts water.

Once we had finished playing we took Ariel out and stood her on the side of the bath. Water did drip out if her tail but not for long.

Little J absolutely loves his new Ariel and asked this morning if it was bath time as he saw her in the bathroom. When I told him 'not yet' he went over and pressed her so she sang. It was really cute.


What We Loved

3 different modes of play each activating different phrases.

14 phrases in total and music.

Lovely bath toy but would also be perfect for normal playtime.

Sings quite a lot of the song.

Spanish mode is actually a great idea. Little J likes switching it and listening to 'Part of your world' sung in Spanish.

Ariel can be submerged in the water.

What Could Improve

It would be nice to have a few extra accessories. A comb or brush for her hair would have been perfect.


Colours of the sea Ariel from Jakks Pacific is available to buy from all good stockists or online at Amazon.

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