Planning Our Next Holiday To Cyprus

3 October 2016

You may already know that we visited Cyprus in August for the 2nd time and it was amazing. Cyprus was never on my destination list until I won a holiday back in 2014. There was a huge list of places we could choose from and after months of deliberating we chose Cyprus - best decision ever. We stayed at the Malama Beach Holiday Village and it is perfect.

Like I said it wasn't a place we thought we would ever go to as we usually visit Majorca but after hearing so many great things about Cyprus we were really looking forward to it.

When planning a holiday to Cyprus with a family here are the main points to consider.

The Cost

The holiday I won would have cost us over £5,000 for two weeks All Inclusive. To some this may seem reasonable, to others very expensive. Now that I've been to the resort I know how amazing it is and well worth the money. To return again we would have to save for quite some time but for others that may not be an option. Just like car loans and personal loans there are such things as holiday loans which can help you pay for your holiday.

The Flight

The flight time to Cyprus is almost 5 hours. This can be tough with little ones but it can be done. I personally was dreading trying to keep little J entertained for that long, but with the right supplies (iPad, music, books, crayons and cuddly toy) he was great. He slept some of the way to and also we booked a meal onboard. I am not a lover of the food onboard but it does break the time up a little. We flew in to Larnaca Airport which was about 40 minutes drive to our resort.

We booked our flight separately and it was so much cheaper doing it this way than booking a package holiday.

The Resort

I feel we just touched lucky with our resort because we had no idea where it was but it was perfect for families. We stayed in Paralimni which was just a bus ride away Protaras. The whole area felt safe to walk around, most of the local residents speak english which does make a huge difference and it was really clean. Although we were all inclusive we did use local bars and restaurants too which were lovely.

We did visit Protaras a few times which was busier than our resort so was just nice to visit for a day out. Also it had a McDonalds which big J was happy about.

The Hotel

Lots of activities to keep the kids and adults entertained

When booking a holiday with a family in tow I think it is so important to ensure the hotel has enough facilities to keep your little ones entertained. I'm not a big fan of holiday creches as you are on a family holiday so you shouldn't be popping your children into a babysitting service but I think kids clubs are great. They do structured activities which not only allow your children to have lots fun but it also lets them make new friends to.


Beautiful Sights

Before you travel do a little google search of local attractions that you can visit. Most hotels will offer trips to the usual such as water parks and shopping but its nice to dig out less popular attractions. We have always found that excursions provided by the hotels or tour operators can be very costly and there is usually a cheaper way to visit.

 There are some fantastic sights in Cyprus and our favourite was just a beach called Fig Tree Bay. It is absolutely stunning and perfect for all ages.


Cyprus is really hot. When we visited in July/August it was way in to the 40's. Obviously having children we were a little worried about the heat but we managed it well and stayed away from the sun when it was at it's hottest. Having said that when we go next time I would probably just go for 10 nights rather than a full two weeks. Towards the end I know big J and I were struggling a little with the heat but little J and Daddy seemed to love it. The hotter the better. I do think the duration of your stay is important and definitely something to think of if you are travelling with small children or babies.

Are you planning a trip to Cyprus soon?

Do you have any tips?

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  1. I've never been to Cyprus, this is going to be on my travel wishlist. Thanks for sharing some tips

  2. It sounds like you had a great time! Once all the Christmas/ New year craziness is over we'll start thinking in our holiday for 2016 and I'll definitely keep Cyprus in mind after reading your post :)

  3. It looks like a great holiday. I'd love to go there because my mum lived in Cyprus for a bit as a girl, although that's not the area I'd go to. Summer holidays would be way too hot for me though

  4. I love it when kids sleep on the plane. It makes things easier although I can never rest either way. It sounds good. You never really know until you arrive it a place is great for kids. Nice to hear your was!


  5. Cyprus is beautiful, we have been to Paphos a few times now and I would love to go back as there is so much to see and do x

  6. I have never been to Cyprus before but I have always wanted to go so hopefully one day I can. Have fun when you go next.

  7. I've been to Cyprus and loved it. Our friend married a Cypriot girl, so we had the whole traditional welcome. It was really lovely and I'd definitely go back. Actually it features in a novel I just wrote! Love the Greek culture too.

  8. I've not been to Cyprus for a few years but I agree with you it is a stunning place. Have a lovely family holiday

  9. I've not been to Cyprus for a few years but I agree with you it is a stunning place. Have a lovely family holiday

  10. I have not been to Cyprus for a few years but like you I do absolutely love it, the scenery is stunning. Have a fun family trip

  11. I've only been to Cyprus once about 25 years ago as a group of 10 girls, I'd love to go back with my family, it looks like you had a lovely time

  12. Making feel like booking to go right now
    Love Cyprus although I've not been for quite a few years

  13. We have been to Paphos a few times now. Our favourite holiday with the family is the First Choice Holiday Village in Paphos. Plenty for everyone to do and fond memories

  14. We have never been to Cyprus before, but your holiday sounds absolutely amazing! I had also never heard of holiday loans until I read your article!

  15. Wow, I've never been to Cyprus, but this sounds great. Super-helpful tips, thank you!

  16. I've never been to Cyprus even though I have a best friend who goes every year and a Sister-in-law who's dad lives over there. I would however like to book my next holiday there.

  17. Cyprus has appealed to me mainly because I have family out there ... Glad you had a lovely time xx


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