Chillfactor Frozen Milkshake Maker Review

7 October 2016

We recently received the ChillFactor Milkshake Maker to review. The boys really enjoy milkshakes so they were excited to try it out. The ChillFactor Milkshake Maker makes delicious, frozen, foamy milkshakes in minutes. You just freeze the special milkshake maker, then pour in your flavoured milk and watch the magic begin. So easy to do and in minutes you'll have thick, foamy, frozen milks. 

Firstly you need to place the inner part of the cup into the freezer. This took about 6 hours to freeze up so it may be worth doing this overnight or when the kids are at school. 

Once it was frozen we placed it into the Chillfactor cup and then placed the ring around the top to keep it in place. 

Next we added flavoured milk. We chose chocolate. 

Make sure the straw hole is covered otherwise the milk will squirt out the top.  When you are ready to begin mixing the flavoured milk you turn the handle. I actually found this bit a little tricky. Little J couldn't do it and big J still needed a little help towards the end.

You need to do a combination of mixing and shaking for about 3-5 minutes but it was worth it because the chocolate milkshake was delicious.

It was great fun and the boys seemed to like their shakes. 


What We Loved

Once the cup was frozen it was quick to make.


Creates yummy milkshakes.

What Could Improve

The handle was a struggle for both boys. 


The Chillfactor Milkshake Maker is currently priced at £9.99.


  1. I was wondering about these. Did they come with what to use for the shake? or do you just do your own thing?

  2. Looks like the milkshakes would be delicious. Nice and Refreshing in Summer.

    Rachel Craig

  3. These look fab
    Going to get one and see
    Think they are a fun idea


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