Chad Valley Wooden Fire and Police Station Review

You may have seen our very exciting post recently about Playdays and Runways being chosen to be part of the Chad Valley Play Panel. We are so excited to be involved with a brand that means so much to us. Chad Valley was a huge part of I and Daddy's childhood and I have fond memories of toys I used to play with. I really must dig out some photographs of me as a child on christmas morning opening lots of Chad Valley toys.

Our first box of toys arrived safely last week and we were delighted with the toys that were chosen for us. There was one toy that jumped out at us and I had to share it with you, the Chad Valley Wooden Police and Fire Station.

I actually took it upon myself to build it on my own. this was definitely a first for me as I always stand back and let Daddy do the building but I was actually quite excited.

I opened the box and soon realised it involved using a screwdriver but it was fine. I laid out all the pieces and they were numbered which made it easy to follow the instructions. Daddy kept lingering to see if I needed any help but 45 minutes later and it was built.

Now if you are a pro at building toys then it may take you less time but for me I enjoyed every minute and had a huge smile on my face when I stood back and looked at the finished product.

Anyway enough about me, more about the station. Firstly I have to say the quality is amazing and we do love wooden toys here so it was always going to be a hit.

4 storeys high, one half of the building is a fire station and the other is a police station. Each level has different backdrops and there is a fireman's pole that runs from the top of the building right to the bottom.

The play set comes with a fire engine, a police car, rescue dogs, a helicopter, table and chairs,  a computer and a bed. The accessories are great but the vehicles and too chunky in our opinion and seem to be aimed at younger children so little J added his own vehicles that have actual wheels. 

Little J loves playing with fire engines and police cars so its been a great addition to his play time. I absolutely love watching him play and using his imagination and this play set is perfect for that.


What We Loved

Having a police and fire station in one play set.

4 storeys.

It is really good quality. It is solid and already has taken some quality playtime without affecting the overall appearance.

The accessories are a great addition.

I don't usually mention whether I think items are worth RRP as I know to some people a price may be expensive but to others it could seem reasonable so I usually just give my opinion on the item and you can work it out yourself, however I have to say that with an RRP of £29.99 I do think this is a bargain.

What Could Improve

The vehicles are a little pointless as they are huge and wooden and have no working wheels so we have added our own vehicles. 


Chad Valley is exclusive to Argos with over 400 toys to choose from. You can view the range by visiting Argos and don't miss out on my giveaway to win a £75 Argos gift card.

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