Young Driver Lesson Review

You may already know that last year big J drove a car for the very first time at the age of 12 years old. I had so many tweets and messages from readers who were so happy that I had posted about big J's Young Driver lesson as they had no idea that it existed. I had seen adverts in the Trafford Centre but I had no idea we had a training site so close to home until he had his first lesson. It's even better now that we have two really close by.

So on a very cold, wet and blustery Saturday big J was about to have his second lesson. He absolutely loved it first time round and it's a little bit of a parent fail that we didn't keep them up.

Big J was booked in for a 30 minutes lesson which was just what he needed to refresh his memory although as soon as he got in the car he remembered what to do instantly.

He was driving a much larger car this time round but he seemed quite confident as he pulled away from the parking space and started to drive along the course that is laid out.

The lesson seemed to whizz by even though we were stood watching him in the freezing old and rain. There were facilities to sit inside at Aintree Racecourse Centre. There were chairs and the option to buy tea and coffee. We wanted to watch him as its such a massive thing to do at such a young age. We are so proud of him.

When his lesson was over he reversed parked into a parking space. He does unbelievably well, better than me.

He seemed quite pleased with himself when he got out the car although his instructor said he did get a little frustrated when using the clutch although we hadn't noticed it. I reassured him that he is still only 13 and this was only his second lesson.

He is a natural behind the wheel and I am actually excited that he wants to drive as not everybody does. I knew straight away that I wanted to be a driver although Daddy was in his 20's before he took lessons.

If you haven't heard of Young Driver before then you really are missing out. You can't get a driving licence in the UK until you're 17 but now, thanks to Young Driver, if you're 11 or over, you can learn to drive at one of the UK centres.

Research shows that it is a lack of driving experience - not a lack of years on the planet - that causes 1 in 5 newly qualified drivers to crash within 6 months of passing their test. Something had to be done to reduce this frightening statistic - and so Young Driver began.

Lessons cost £34.95 for half-an-hour or £64.95 for an hour - making Young Driver the perfect gift for that difficult-to-buy-for group of 11+ boys and girls.

New to Young Driver is in car filming. They have fitted cameras into the cars so that youngsters can now record their first driving experience and show friends and family what they've been doing.
The camera not only films the driver but also shows the road course outside.
The introductory cost of the film is £14.99 (usually £19.99) and is available for both 30 or 60 minute lessons. Drivers will receive their film on a memory card with USB adapter at the end of the lesson.
What We Loved

The fact that big J can learn to drive at such a young age.

We have two centres close by and one only 30 minute drive away so hopefully we will always be able to get a lesson booked in.

In car filming is an amazing bonus to an already amazing experience. I would have loved to have recorded big J although we didn't know about it until we arrived.

What Could Improve

The cost - its very very expensive. It would cost almost £650 to have 10 hours of Young Driver lessons which at the moment isn't something that we could commit to.


For more information on locations and prices you can visit Young Driver

*we received a 30 minute young driver lesson for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own*

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