Santa Special at Llangollen Railway

18 December 2015

Christmas is a very special time for us and we have many traditions that we do each year. As a family we like to visit Disneyland Paris and Santa's Sleepover at Alton Towers. My Mum and Dad enjoy taking the boys to the grotto and then on to a pantomime in the evening. My in-laws go on the Santa Special - Llangollen Railway. It's so nice that we each do something with the boys that makes Christmas that little bit more special. All these traditions have been every year for at least 11 years. This year we decided to go on the Santa Special too and I'm so glad we did.

Llangollen Railway Sign
It took about 1hr 15 minutes to arrive at Llangollen from Liverpool and when we arrived there were plenty of car parks to choose from. We parked about a 5 minute walk from the railway and it only cost £1 which was great.

We had something to drink at a local cafe/ restaurant before the train although there was plenty of choice in the station itself. There was a small cafe and also sandwiches to buy on the platform.

boy on a train
Our train left the station at approx 1:35pm. The carriages had christmas decorations hanging from the windows and felt nice and christmassy on board. We hadn't been before so had no idea what to expect. There were 12 of us in total spread out on 3 tables in the same carriage. 

boy eating lollipop on train
Once we were seated and the train was on it's way to the station at Carrog we were given a paper bag each. Now I say we, what I actually mean was everyone except me. They had run out so unfortunately at this point I had nothing. In the bags there was a chocolate lollipop for the kids and a carton of juice. The adults had a mince pie and a small 50ml of Baileys. The booking did say mulled wine but that was not offered.

Santa walking through the train carriage
Very soon an elf appeared in the carriage and got us all to sing a christmas song as we did Father Christmas made his way to see us. 

santa talking to boys
I was so impressed that he stopped to talk to all the children and gave each and everyone a gift. 

Meeting santa
When we arrived at Carrog, Father Christmas hopped off the train and on to his sleigh. We queued to get a photo with him.

There is a little gift shop and a chance to grab a hot cuppa and a snack if you wish before its back on the train to Llangollen.

Talking to santa
When we got back on the train Father Christmas made another appearance. He sat next to little J and chatted about Christmas. This really does make the train so special because the children get to see Father Christmas at least three times.


Llangollen Railway
Both Daddy and I really enjoyed the Santa Train and obviously so did the boys. It was nice to experience a tradition that big J had enjoyed for so long. 



  1. The Santa train sounds so much fun! It looks so lovely and Christmassy! I love Christmas we have some lovely festive plans over the term break. Enjoy yours too x

  2. Aww looks like you had a lovely time, beautiful pictures. x

  3. Aaah Michelle!! This sounds wonderful and your photos are lovely!! We're doing something a little similar today with the twins! It's their first time seeing Santa and we're off on a little steam train this morning... Santa *might* get on and *might* give them some presents!!! So excited!! :)

    ** I've been up since 5.15am (and they're still asleep) so I think we can safely say that I'm more excited than they are!!!! ** ;)

  4. Sounds amazing! Such beautiful photos. That one of the water is just amazing x

  5. Woah it looks windy out there! Glad N had a great time seeing Santa, I like the scenic touches too.

  6. Sounds amazing and a magical time. Beautiful photographs of your day. I've always wanted to take my little ones on a Santa train experience.

  7. This sounds like such an amazing and unique experience!

  8. We went on our local Santa express last year but as we were in an enclosed carriage we missed out on the build up and it wasn't that good. x

  9. That's so lovely. Another way of meeting santa. We have a train like on wheels in Ireland that brings us to Santa's grotto but we didn't go this year.

  10. What beautiful photos and a lovely tradition. It looks like you had a wonderful time x

  11. Aaww this looks so magical! What a look on your little ones face when he sees Santa :-) xx

  12. This looks like such a magical idea. The pictures show how great a day it was. I will have to look into this locally for us next year and see if there is something similar as I think my sons would love it. Thanks for sharing.


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