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Technology has moved on so fast over the past 13 years. When big J was younger he would write his Christmas list for Father Christmas and he would send it off with hope that he would get a reply. Sometimes he did get a reply but other times Father Christmas may have been to busy. Now it seems Father Christmas can reach all the boys and girls via PNP - Portable North Pole and not only can he send the boys and girls a nice personalised video he can also ring them on the telephone too.

The Portable North Pole is a perfect place for parents to arrange a special video or phone call off Father Christmas.

Father Christmas has a book for every child all over the world

Father Christmas needs to know whether your little one has been good or bad. Parents can contact Father Christmas and tell him what is happening at home and Father Christmas will give your little one a call or send them a video message.

I can spot Little J's book.

There are lots of chances to get a call off Father Christmas. Maybe your little one has done something really good or worked hard at school. It would be a very special treat to receive a phone call off Father Christmas to say well done. However Father Christmas will also call if your little one isn't being very good at home. Maybe they are not listening to you or constantly fighting with their sibling.  Father Christmas can give them a call to tell them that they will end up on the naughty list if they don't behave better.

He knows all about little J because he watches all year round

Father Christmas also likes to call boys and girls on Christmas Eve too. Just as your little ones are getting ready for the big day, Father Christmas can ring them up to tell them not to forget his cookies.

If your little one has been 'Extra' good maybe Father Christmas may send them a very special video message. He will find the book all about your child and you can watch as he opens it up and shows all the highlights of your little one's year.

Visit An Elf House was created using the unlimited pass. 

Video Messages from Father Christmas is free but you can upgrade to a PNP Gold Pass which will open up lots more scenarios and give you unlimited videos and calls from Father Christmas for just £9.99

To view more information visit Portable North Pole

*we received a gold pass so we can received unlimited calls and video messages from father christmas, all thoughts above are our own*

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  1. This is fantastic I love how interactive it is. What was your favorite part of the interactivity?


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