Toby Carvery - Waterside Review

The highlight of my week so far has to be our visit to the Toby Carvery - Waterside. It was a very cold, wet and blustery Monday evening and I really didn't want to head home after the school pick up to cook our dinner. I needed a day off from cooking and a nice Toby Carvery was just what I needed to warm me up.

We have quite a few Toby Carvery restaurants close by although we do tend to drive a little further to the Waterside. Daddy and I used to go for meals there before it was a Toby and it's always been a nice restaurant, even better now.

Free Refills - yay

We had booked a table so when we arrived we were seated quickly and the waitress took our drinks order. We just ordered soft drinks and I am pleased to say they offer free refills, yay. If you don't already know I prefer to visit restaurants that offer free refills as we spend so much on drinks while eating out, and it really bumps up the cost of the meal. Free refills get the thumbs up from us.

Ready to eat

As the Toby is a Carvery you don't have to with for food you just head up as soon as you are ready. I asked the waitress for a small plate for little J and she brought one to us. Once we were ready we made our way to pick our food.

There were four meats to choose from but we all always get turkey. I am a big fan of vegetables so I was happy to fill my plate up with red cabbage, cauliflower cheese, brussels sprouts and roasted parsnips. I prefer the veg to Yorkshire pudding and roast potatoes.

Yummy Yummy

Daddy and big J only really eat peas and carrots but love the yorkie and potatoes.

The meal as always was delicious. The meat is carved as you wait and the portion size is always more than enough. You can however opt for a kingsize version of the carver if you wish. I always worry that the food will become cool and dry whilst sitting under the heated lamps but all the veg is alway fresh and hot. There is always a good selection of veg too which for me is great. More the merrier.

Little J enjoyed his meal too and although he wasn't too keen on the peas he did eat everything else.

Christmas Pudding and White Sauce

Just Daddy and little J for a pudding. Little J got an ice-cream and Daddy chose Christmas pudding. The Carvery and Christmas pudding were on a  Lunchtime festive menu - any two courses for £9.99 available till 5pm

So cute

Little J's ice cream came in a cute red ceramic mug with a flake in it. He loved it. He said he was having a 'special coffee'.

Happy after a nice meal


What We Loved

Plenty of meats and vegetables to choose from.

Always fresh and hot.

Refillable soft drinks

Festive Menu is perfect for those who want two courses. You can choose a starter and main or main and dessert.

Perfect excuse to have a day off from cooking.

What Could Improve

Nothing to improve on - Perfect family meal.


As always we really enjoyed our meal. If you would like to try out Toby Carvery you can check out local restaurants by visiting the website and all my readers can claim a free sundae when purchasing a main meal by printing out the voucher below.


  1. Yum! Everything looks and sounds delicious. Yay for free refills! I think that makes all the difference when restaurants have the 'free refill' rule. Any two courses for £9.99 isn't bad! :) Glad you all had a wonderful time. xx

  2. I love Toby carvery and used to frequent for sunday breakfast meals, I have always been impressed but did not know that they did refills on drinks, need to go back.

  3. What a lovely treat. I went to a carvery with some friends for the first time in ages last weekend and got completely carried away with my plate piled high - I do love a good roast in winter though.

  4. I love Toby Carvery! There's one 5 mins down the road and we actually go there for breakfast quite often. If you haven't tried their breakfast you must! The only think I would improve is being allowed more meat! Xx

  5. Those treats are awesome! Hope I can try out Toby Carvery someday.

  6. Free refills are great. I've not been to a Toby Carvery despite us having one in the town. I'm not sure the OH would go because the roast wouldn't be his mum's!


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