Thomas & Friends Personalised Christmas Book Review

 I have mentioned before that I love personalised gifts. I always find that personalisation adds 'that little bit more' to a gift idea. When I was younger I had a Snow White book and I was in it. My name, date of birth, friends etc had all been added to create a story. I loved that book so much and I still have it somewhere. When we were offered the chance to review a Thomas & Friends personalised book from Egmont I knew straight away that little J would love it. He loves books and starring in one makes it so much more fun.

Ordering was simple. We chose the book we wanted and added little J's name. We could also add a friend so decided to add big J. There is also an option to customise the character. We could change the hair, skin and eye colour to match little J. Finally you can change the colour of the coat. We chose blue.

Although little J looks at books throughout the day at home and nursery, books are usually for bedtime. This book is a perfect bedtime story. It's just the right length to be enjoyed before little J starts losing interest. Usually once we have finished our bedtime story he will usually choose a book to look at before falling asleep. The illustrations in the book are bold, colourful and interesting so lovely to look at too.


What We Loved

Little J loves Thomas

Adding a child's name to a book always gets a thumbs up.

Being able to change the character's hair, eye, skin and coat colour.

Perfect length for a bedtime story.

Illustrations are colourful and eye catching

What Could Improve

I would have liked the option to add another 'friend' - especially for those who have two siblings or two best friends.


Personalised books are always great fun and I find the child is always more engaged when they are the centre of the story. We will definitely be adding to our personalised book collection from Egmont very soon. I love the birthday book too.

If you would like to order the Thomas and Friends Christmas title use discount code pblogger20 for a 20% discount.

*we received the Thomas & Friends book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, photos and opinions are our own*

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