My First Pizza From Little Dish

I am a big fan of Little Dish meals and more importantly little J is too. He has tried most of the meals now and little J does have his favourites including Alphabet Pasta Bolognese and Lasagne. I was so pleased when I heard that last month they have included My First Pizza from Little Dish to their product range.

Little J has been trying out My First Pizza and he loves them. The full range consists of three flavours. Margherita, Mini Meatballs & Veg and Pesto Chicken & Veg.

The new range of My First Pizzas have been created to be nutritionally balanced and yummy too. Each pizza contains natural ingredients and 35% less salt than the average chilled children's size pizza.

It's also important to know that there is no added sugar, additives or preservatives. 

With hidden carrot puree in the unique pizza bases and the yummy toppings, each pizza contains 1 of your child's recommended 5 a day.

Little J loves pizza and I was keen to try him with the different flavours as usually when he has pizza it is just a plain cheese and tomato. 

All 3 flavours went down a treat and there wasn't even a slice left for Mummy to try. He did however let his big brother have a small bite of his Margherita pizza. 

They are the perfect size for little J and I will definitely buy them again. 


What We Loved

Flavours - Makes a nice change for little J who usually just has cheese and tomato. 

Less salt - salt content in some foods scares me it's that high. 

Chilled - I prefer to buy chilled food as I think they cook better and quicker. Perfect if you are running late. 

Not microwavable - I love the fact that there is no option to microwave. I have tasted microwave pizza and they taste soggy and the flavour goes bland.

1 of 5 a day.

What Could Improve

Nothing really a big thumbs up from us. Maybe more flavours in the future?


You can visit Little Dish for more imformation on My First Pizza and to also view the rest of the product range.

*we received My First Pizza's for the purpose of this review, all thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own*


  1. This is such a great foodie concept for kids! Packaging and branding looks great and most importantly the pizza itself looks fantastic. Also glad that there's no microwave's rare to find a good quality ready meal that has to be cooked in the microwave!

  2. Looks yummy. Would love these for myself! Packaging is really cool too. Kids just love pizza so if it's a healthier version, that's great

  3. Yummers! I love pizza never mind the kids. Cute little hamper, great eye catching graphics on the box. Wonder if you can get them in Ireland? cause I never heard of them before...

  4. These looks so good. We bought some for Baby and while she isn't mega keen, she is so fussy, but we loved the look and taste of it. We will def try her again with them as she is different on different days x

  5. These sound great, Monkey had pizza for dinner tonight! I like that there is less salt and that it counts as 1 of their 5 a day as normally I don't like him just having pizza and put veg with it! With these I wouldn't have to. The flavours sound good too! x

  6. Oh this looks delicious! Super tasty & I agree, microwaving pizza is so gross. Lovely review, I'm glad you guys enjoyed it! x

  7. I am not the biggest fan of pizza but I do think these are cute and are a nice little treat x

  8. Ooooh we had these too - they are great aren't they? Pickle loved them. Kaz x

  9. These look so much nicer than most toddler meals. I think my two would love them! Like yours, I'm not sure they would leave any leftovers for mom!


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