Disney On Ice - Worlds Of Enchantment Review

It's not every Saturday you are whisked away on a magical journey to Sunnyside Day Care, Under The Sea, Radiator Springs and Arendelle. If you hadn't already guessed it we went to see Disney on Ice - Worlds Of Enchantment in Manchester.

From the moment the lights went down and Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy took to the stage we where all mesmerised. 

The journey started in Andys bedroom as he said goodbye to his toys as he leaves for college. Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Bullseye and the rest of the toy story gang found themselves at Sunnyside Day Care. 

For the next 35 minutes the performers acted out Toy Story 3. The highlight for me was Barbie and Ken. They played the parts perfectly and their skating was amazing. Unfortunately there was a fall and it was made by Sargent of the green men. He picked himself up and got on with the show. That was the only fall u noticed throughout the whole show. Every time I watch Toy Story 3 I cry at the same two parts. The scene where they are heading into the furness and the scene where Andy takes his toys to Bonnie. Now the furness part of the show wasn't as effective as the film but as the show uses the actual voices from the movie the scene were Andy leaves had a tear in my eye as he talks about his toys.

Next up was a short version of The Little Mermaid. For me this felt like a filler till the break which was a shame really as the costumes were amazing. The performers skated along to Part Of Your World, Under The Sea and Kiss The Girl. Ursula made a short appearance and so did Prince Eric.

There was a twenty minute break which was enough time to go the toilet and grab some refreshments. There were little stalls dotted around the inside of the arena and also staff walking uo and down the steps trying to sell Snow Cones, Candy Floss and Popcorn swell as flashing lights, hats and programmes. We have been to many Disney On Ice shows so we knew just how expensive the refreshments are so we brought our own and we just got Nachos from the arena food stall. 

After the break we arrived at Radiator Springs were life size Lightning McQueen, Mater and friends took to the ice. Again this felt a short filler as there was no storyline but the cars were amazing. I am not sure how they worked whether they were remote control or whether they had drivers inside but they all whizzed around the ice until it was time for the final part of the show.

Last but not least the ice rink was transformed in to Arendelle. Most of the little girls were dressed a either Anna or Elsa so there was a huge buzz around the arena as the Frozen part of the show started.

Anna skated along to 'For The First Time In Forever' until she bumped into Hans. They then skated together to 'Love Is An Open Door'.

 Elsa then freezes Arendelle before she heads up the North Mountain. Alone on the rink Elsa skates along to 'Let It Go' 

Kristoff makes an entrance as does Olaf. They then skate to 'In Summer' before Anna meets her sister Elsa in her Ice Palace. After Elsa strikes Annas heart Kristoff takes her back to Arendelle so Hans can give her a true loves kiss. The end was just like the film, so if you haven't seen it I won't spoil it but it was a great ending to a spectacular show. 


What We Loved

Toy Story and Frozen were the highlights for us. 

Anna and Elsa's skating was perfect. Lots of fast skating, jumps and twirls and not a foot wrong.

Our seats - they were block 109 which was at the end of the rink but was centre of all the performances. 

The costumes and life size Cars were amazing.

What Could Improve 

The prices for refreshments. It really is so expensive and especially when buying for more than one child. 


I would highly recommend Disney On Ice to any fans of Disney as the whole production is so magical and children and adults of all ages will enjoy it. For me personally this was the best Disney on Ice we have seen so far, they just seem to get bigger and better. 

There is still chance to see the show as it is touring until 2016 so check out the website to buy tickets at an arena near you.

*we were invited to the show for the purpose of this review - all thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own*

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