Friday, 2 October 2015

Bedtime Stories Perfect For Halloween

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When big J was younger he never went to sleep without a bedtime story. He would have his bath out on his pj's then hop into bed with his chosen book. Daddy and I loved reading to him before bed and we would fight over who got to read him his book that night.

We were hoping little J would also love stories and I am so happy to say that at the age of 30 months he now wants a story before bed. We have started a little collection of books to start with but just like his brother he wants the same ones every night.

Most of his books are hardback picture books with a little story too so we tend to get through 2 or 3 a night before its time for him to go asleep.

He has two favourite books at the moment which we were sent to review in time for Halloween but he spotted them both so I have been reading them. They are both 'Mummy' books which means I get to read them to him - yay.

Boo is a fun novelty rhyming story all about finding out who is saying Boo. Each page has a different character on, Pumpkins, Wizards and little witches and each page says the same. for example "Spider, Spider was that you? Were you the one who shouted Boo?" Then there is a picture of the spider saying "it wasn't me" Little J loves this and as each page turns there are holes were the eyes should be so when I am just about to read out Boo I look through the holes and shout Boo. He finds it so funny. We love Little Tiger Press books and I can't wait to dig out some of big J's old books because I know we have lots similar to Boo that little J will love.

The next bedtime story is Ten Spooky Skeletons. I know some may say that this might not be typical bedtime story material but little J goes crazy for this book. Similar to Boo there are peek through holes on each page as one lonely skeleton goes on a search to find more skeleton friends. I always pop my fingers through the little holes which little J finds very amusing. A lovely story and a great way to talk about numbers and counting as each page starts with the number of Skeletons and a new skeleton is added every time. One, Two and so on. There is a lovely glow in the dark finale too.

I'm sure little J's favourites will swap and change all the time because I remember big j having a new favourite every night. I think reading to our children is so special and a lovely way to spend those last few moments of the day together before sleep time.

Do you read to your little one? What is their favourite story?

*we received Boo and Ten Spooky Skeletons to review. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own*


  1. These look like great books. My 2 year old insists on at least 6 books a day so we are at the library loads! Our favourites are "there's an ouch in my pouch" and "superhero space boy spud"

  2. These stories look great. I never have thought of buying Halloween books!xx

  3. Oh they look great, I have one Halloween book for Baby but I want a few more. Will check these out x

  4. This is so cute - I love books like this, where you make part of the story. My daughter loves me (or her dad) reading to her, she'll have a favourite she wants to hear again and again but then go back to others. We've got quite the library now!

  5. We have a Halloween themed book we read all year round. It's called Scary Edwin Page, not the best story for bedtime for a small kid but she loves it.
    Your right it's a lovely way to spend the last few moments before they drift off. I love reading to them x

  6. These look like fab Halloween books :) Lamb is hit and miss with bedtime stories. He never asks for them so we just read to him anyway! X

  7. Reading to children from a young age is so important and has many long term benefits. I also now encorage my older ones to ready to there little sister.

  8. We read a book or two every night at bedtime. It's such a lovely tradition to have. We don't have any Halloween books, these sound fab! That's a cute game you have going with poking your fingers into the book :) x

  9. We LOVE to read in our house! It gives you a chance to chill out with your little people and have those special moments! I was looking for some great Halloween reads so thanks for this post I am going to order them :D

  10. These look like great books and not too scary either. We have Pumpkins, Pumpkins, everywhere which is a good one too. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  11. These books look fab just right for little ones thanks for linking to the binkylinky

  12. These look like great books. I love that there is so much range of books to choose from for children so that, at certain times of year, you can find a book that suits a special date, Christmas, Easter and these Halloween books


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