Little J's Toddler Days - September

5 October 2015

It's been a few months since I updated Little J's Toddler Days so I have put both August and September together.

This was taken on a day out to Thomas Land - Drayton Manor. These two just love spending time together. It's so lovely to watch

This Summer little J went on his first proper Summer holiday abroad. He has been to Disneyland Paris a few times so he has been on a plane but we have always gone in winter so this was his first time in the sun. He absolutely loved it and he had lots of fun. The sun didn't really bother him so much and neither did the heat. He just got on with it like he always does. He is so easy going and so laid back.

Although this may look like a 'cheeky chappie' face this is actually what he does when he is shy. He sticks his finger in his mouth and leans his head towards his shoulder.

 There were a few things I did notice while we were away that I hadn't noticed before. Firstly just how shy he is. He is the complete opposite of his brother. Big J would be up dancing every night in mini disco when he was younger, little J didn't really enjoy it. He didn't want the attention of dancing on stage. The other thing was just how much he loves a routine. He woke the same time every day for fourteen days. He napped the same time every day and he 'had enough pool' at the same time for fourteen days. Also when it came to night time he went to bed the same time every night for fourteen nights. It was so strange. He has made up his own routine at home but usually when you go away the routine goes out the window, somehow our monkey managed to make up a new routine and stuck to it throughout the holiday.

Little J's speech and language has come on so much over the last two months. He is able to string a short sentence together now rather than just a few odd words. He managed to say 'daddy put me on big slide' while we were on holiday and this is probably the most words he has said together. We always find that he develops more when he spends time with his big brother. Big J is the one who teaches him the most because he wants to learn from big J and he wants to be just like him. 

A few of my favourite new words and phrases in August month were...

John - he finally is able to pronounce his big brother's name.

Upsy Daisy - he said this when he almost fell from the slide.

Morning mummy, morning Daddy and Morning John - he says this every time he wakes up.

I'm fine - when he falls over he picks himself up and says I'm fine as he brushes his knees with his hands
Taggy sick again - he has a little medical kit and since he got it all his toys are always sick especially taggy who is sick all the time!

Yes, Yes -  Whenever he has the opportunity to answer 'yes' he says 'yes, yes' instead. So funny.

Wacky 'Ouse - We took little J to The Wacky Warehouse a few times over the Summer and whenever we are going out he shouts 'Wacky 'Ouse' 

My favourite little J moment was when we were on holiday and we were playing with a water ball. We would throw the ball in the air and let it splash in the water. Daddy said 'La booosh' when it splashed and for the whole two weeks the ball was no longer called a ball it was called 'La booosh' Whenever he wanted to play the game he would say 'La booosh' it was so cute. La booosh came home with us and is now a new bath toy.

Little J sat through his first ever live stage show. We went to see In The Night Garden

Little J loves Peppa Pig at the moment. We took 4 hours worth on our iPad while we were away for him to watch over the two weeks. He would go back to the room just before his shower and dinner and sit in his nappy watching Peppa. Big J would sit with him and to be honest I'm not sure who liked it more.


  1. He's clearly enjoying his toddler days and it sounds like you've packed in a lot over the summer. Sounds like he has a lovely relationship with his big brother too.

  2. I always feel like I notice new things about my kids when we are on holiday too! I think being in a new environment makes me see what they are doing a bit differently. Sounds like a brilliant holiday for you all!

  3. He is absolutely adorable! 'Taggy sick again' - so cute!

  4. Ah what a great holiday! I'm so impressed with Little J for creating a holiday routine - what a great boy! Thomas Land & the Night Garden show must have been so exciting. It's great to introduce them to live shows when they are young. x

  5. Such a lovely update. I love keeping a note of the things Baby says, it won't be long before it all changes again, so good to have a record x

  6. what a fun holiday, it is always great to spend that quality time together. I love our family holidays.

  7. Sounds like you had a great holiday, really like the photo of him with his finger in his mouth even if he is being shy :). Its great that he enjoyed Thomas Land (we still haven't been) and In the Night Garden. Especially love their little sayings at this age x

  8. Aw this is lovely. Isn't is so sweet to watch how they change and grow. Bless him making his own routine up on holiday. it is so lovely to here the little words they like to say often and to witness their vocabulary grow. It is lovely. x

  9. What a little cutie. It's lovely hearing their speech come on isn't it! My 2 year old has just started bossing me around... Come on mummy, breakfast bunny, kitchen mummy! Lol

  10. Isn't it beautiful when the children begin having a mind of their own, I think it is incredible how large their capacity for learning is. Keep doing what your doing because you are an amazing mum and don't let anyone tell you any different.

  11. Looks like you are all having fun
    My 2 year old nephew has started asking loads of questions -very testing for me


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