The Rug Doctor Has Been

I have heard of Rug Doctor before, we have some in our local supermarket which you can hire for 24/48 hours. We have wooden floors downstairs but the stairs and bedrooms are carpet and they never look clean.

Daddy suggested recently we try a rug doctor to give them a good cleaning before autumn/winter comes. I looked at a video on you tube and I saw a woman doing the rug doctor on a rug that didn't even look dirty but when she emptied the water it was black. It was disgusting. I said to Daddy we should definitely try it as little J crawls around up there and if its 'that' dirty it not good for him.
The machine is quite big and heavy so I left it to Daddy to do it. You can buy solutions for the machine and we were supplied with a bottle suitable for two rooms.
To begin you remove the white container at the front of the machine and empty some solution into the machine and top up with water as instructed. You then put the white container back on and you are pretty much ready to start.
Its very important to hoover before you start.
Then just plug in and then get in position to start. When your ready to go you pull the machine backwards while holding a button, this releases the fluid.
Daddy did our downstairs rug and also the upstairs carpets and it is very noisy. Little J wasn't impressed.
Once it was done you do have to wait for the rug/carpets to dry but I could tell the difference instantly. The colours looked brighter and it looked new.

Then it was time to empty the dirty water. With it just being a rug I wasn't expecting black water like on the you tube video but it was - it was horrible and I cant believe that much dirt was on one rug?
Although I was mortified that my rug was so dirty I was impressed with just how clean the Rug Doctor has made the rugs and carpet. The difference is amazing and I am so pleased.
The Rug Doctor is so easy to use (well it looked easy I sat and watched) and I wouldn't hesitate in using it again when the carpets need a deep through clean. Especially with having little J around we do have a lot of spills and big J walking mud through the house all the time after playing out.
You can find out more about the Rug doctor by visiting the website here and you can rent one at Asda, B&Q, Homebase, Johnsons, Morrisons, Tesco, The Co-Operative and The Range.
*we were sent a rental Rug Doctor to try - all thoughts above are our own*

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