NINKY NONK Musical Activity Train

Since our recent visit to Cbeebies Land in Alton Towers little J absolutely loves In The Night Garden. I had heard of it before but we had never watched the programme. 
Little and big J got to meet Igglepiggle and little J instantly became a fan

He has a few toys now including an Igglepiggle taggy which he loves and takes to bed with him every night. 
Probably his favourite toy at the moment is his NINKY NONK musical activity train. He loves it and has played with it every day since it arrived.
The train is like five toys in one because each carriage can be removed from the others so you can play with which ever toy you want or all five. When attached together the NINKY NONK activity train is 78cms long.
Included is 
Ninky Nonk Musical Pull Along Engine

This is little J's favourite. The Musical Pull Along Engine from In the Night Garden, is perfect for little J. He loves anything that makes a noise, lights up or sings and this does all 3.

There are 3 buttons on the NINKY NONK engine and each one when pressed plays the characters theme tune. Little J keeps pressing them over and over again. There is another button shaped as a yellow star and this is perfect for bedtime. When you press it the NINKY NONK lights up and plays a lullaby.
The NINKY NONK also has a yellow cord attached and when pulled plays a tune. Little J isn't walking just yet but he will whizz  it across the floor.

Tombliboo's Spinning Shape Sorter

Little J really likes this part of the train, and I actually do to. The shape sorter comes with three blocks which are different colours, shapes and has characters featured on them.
Once little J had sorted the blocks I showed him that you can press down on the plunger and the carriage spins.
He will sit and spin it over and over. I have to admit its weirdly addictive.
To release the shapes you just lift up the carriage and they fall out.
Upsy Daisy's Stacking Blocks Carriage
The next part of the train is a stacker. Little J isn't too fussed on this part of the train. The carriage features two Harhoo blocks that you can use to stack alone or you can stack on top of the carriage. They need to be stacked and clipped down to stay in place and little J just finds this a little to hard and gives up but I'm sure in time with practice he'll master it.
There is a little peek a boo door which he enjoys opening and closing and opening and closing.... and the lids rattles too which he seems to enjoy playing with.
 Pop-up Igglepiggle 
This is really simple but very enjoyable. You just press down on the button and Igglepiggle will pop up and then you push him back down again and he squeaks. This fits in one hand so perfect for keeping little J entertained in the car or while he's sat waiting for his lunch.
Peek-a-Boo Carriage


Again this is only a small toy so can easily fit in the hand. You open the doors and inside are Pontipines and Wottingers. Little J likes opening the door but not as much as pressing the button on the roof which has a clicking sound.

Overall little J loves the NINKY NONK Musical Activity Train. The fact that it is 5 toys in one is really appealing as I know how easy it is for little ones to become bored quite quickly. The train has lots of activities to do on each and when put together its a great pull along too.


Its very bright and colourful and if your little one isn't a fan of In The Night Garden already I'm sure they will be after playing with this. I often find myself singing along to the songs.


You can view more information on In The Night Garden HERE and you can buy the NINKY NONK Musical activity train HERE
Does your little one like In The Night Garden?

*we were sent the Ninky Nonk Activity Train for the purpose of this review. All thoughts are our own*

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