Little J's New Bedtime Pal - Sweet Dreams with Squidge

This post really does bring back memories for me. I've mentioned it before but when Big J was little he loved CBeebies. Tweenies, Teletubbies, Balamory and Mr Tumble.
When that time of day came that CBeebies was going to bed Big J would cry his little heart out. As soon as the goodnight song would come on his lip would quiver and the tears would flow. If we turned the TV off before the song started he would still cry and it was probably worse.
This week little J received a CBeebies Sweet Dreams with Squidge. It is so soft and cuddly and it plays the CBeebies Goodnight song. It brought back a lot of memories.
I knew little J would love it straight away because he just loves anything he can cuddle, press, lights up and makes noises.

Once we showed little J how to start the song (by pressing the star at the bottom) he can easily switch the music on, press it again and the song stops.

As well as singing the song Sweet Dreams with Squidge lights up too.

Little J had slept with Squidge the night before and wouldn't put him down so he joined us for breakfast.

The squidge is really soft so little J decided to snuggle up while watching Mike The Knight.

The lights on squidge are soft and will stay on for the song but once the song finishes they go off. If you want to hear the song again or see the lights you will have to press the star again.

We leave squidge in the cot overnight and every morning we have been awoken to the song. Its our new alarm clock. I find myself singing it throughout the day too.

The squidge is suitable from 10 months +  and is 23cm tall.

He is super soft and wears a lovely blue night cap.

Press the star to activate the Cbeebies night time tune

Lights glow softly whilst the song is playing.

RRP is £19.99 and is made by Golden Bear Toys who have a Cbeebies range.

If you would like to own a squidge of your own - click HERE to enter my competition to win a Sweet Dreams with Squidge.

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