Club Penguin is taken over by Frozen

If you didn't know already we love everything Disney and always have. This week Big J got to play on his favourite online game Club Penguin while it was taken over by Frozen.

If you haven't heard of Club Penguin I will be shocked. Its an online community where you can decorate igloos, collect puffles and make friends all wrapped up in one cute Disney package for kids. If you haven't heard of Frozen, what planet have you been living on?

Big J is already a member of Club Penguin and has a penguin, a lovely igloo and tons of puffles. He has been a member for years and has built up his profile and he loves it. There are lots of things to do on club penguin, play games, go shopping or chatting to other members.
Every month they will introduce a new party and you can hit the shops and buy new furniture, clothes, accessories etc on that theme. I remember one year big J decorated his igloo for Halloween.
There is always something new to do on Club Penguin which is great to keep the kids entertained.

Since 21st August the Club Penguin Island has been transformed into the Kingdom of Arendelle and will continue until 3rd September.

So far Big J has created his own snowman puffle which is so cute. He bought an Olaf costume for his penguin and if you enter his igloo you will be greeted with the instrumental version of Let It Go.
There are other activities to join in with too.

Members can join a quest for magical snowflakes around the island and collect special rewards.
Help thaw the island from its frozen state

Get your very own ice palace igloo to decorate, and listen to a special performance of let it go in Elsa's Ice Palace.
Freeze all the party rooms with snowballs.
Dress up your penguin as Elsa

or Anna
There is lots going on and big J has really enjoyed it so far. He is waiting for the Ice Palace to open which will bring lots more things to do to.
Club Penguin is the number one children's online world across the globe. 220 million penguins have been created in 190 countries since it began in 2005. Club penguin can be played all over the world and in six languages.
I have always had peace of mind that Big J is safe on Club Penguin, it is known for its commitment in providing a safe online experience but still remains lots of fun.
 Club Penguin membership can be bought online from as little as £2.50 per month for 12 months and you can view all the details by visiting Club Penguin
Does your little one play Club Penguin?
*we were given a one month subscription to join in with the Frozen party. Thought above are our own*

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