Testing out the Motorola Moto G

Daddy loves anything electronic so when we were asked to try out the Motorola Moto G I knew this was a job for Daddy. Daddy has been trying it out and has written the post below.

We had been offered the chance to try out the new range of Motorola smartphone, the Moto G running the latest version of the Android Kit Kat software.  In our house we our mainly apple users, however we do have a Samsung Galaxy S3 running android. With the Moto G being much cheaper to buy than the Samsung offering, I expected the G to be much less powerful in terms of operating specs than the Samsung.

The G is a nice looking phone. It is thinner than the iphone and more rounded like the Galaxy. It has a sharp resolution (which is actually better then the iPhone 5s) and just a small bezel at the side of the screen. It has basic powering features, including power and volume buttons, charger socket and 
headphone socket. 

The speed at which the android os loads up is a surprise and the phone is ready to use in seconds. Anyone who has owned an android based phone before will know immediately how to use the phone as it's stock android rather than overlayed like the Samsung.  Clearly as Motorola is a google owned company the stock software also includes the google play store and a number of google apps. 

The phone operates very quickly and has no problem running a number of apps at the same time, allowing quick switches between Apps. This is down to the quad core processor in the Moto G. The speed of the processor is 1.2ghz which means some longer loading times for more advanced games and apps, but once loaded, no issues. 

The camera that comes with the mot of is 5mp - more than sufficient to take some good pics, but there are phones out there with better these days. 

In summary for a pay as you go phone, which you can now get for a RRP of £119 this is excellent value. The specs and processing speed alone justify the price tag.  I was pleasantly surprised with the performance of the phone and will consider a Motorola for my next phone, the only downside would be the camera. However for the latest version of android you would be hard pushed to find a better deal. 

For more information visit Motorola
*we were provided with a Motorola Moto G for one week to try and test, all thoughts above are our own*

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