Thursday, 12 October 2017

Review - Havex Machines

For the past week or so we have had lots of fun playing with Havex Machines. We had seen an advert on you tube for them and they looked amazing so little J was excited to receive two to play with. The tag line is Race Transform Battle and that is exactly what they do. The Havex Machine comes with a small micro car very similar to Micro Machines for those old enough to remember. You can play with the car but once you are ready to battle you drive the car into the Havex Machine and it triggers the machine to transform in to a bot ready to battle. 

We received Star Blaster and Mech Bot and couldn't wait to try them out. 

Mech Bot is a land scout. Out of 10 he has a speed of 9, firepower 7, agility 4 and armour 7. He is most effective when scouting flat rural and urban terrains and has the weapons and shields to hold it’s own when he is caught in a combat situation

Star Blaster is an air attacker. His speed is 8, firepower 10, agility 9 and armour 3. He is a powerful machine that  functions equally well as a terrestrial fighter and space cruiser. His superior firepower and agility makes him a perfect front line attacker. 

Little J absolutely loves trying to make the machines transform and I emphasise on the trying as it is very tricky. To make the machine transform you have to push the car into the machine and whilst it sounds easy it’s not. It takes a good few tries to push the car in to the exact space in the machine that is not very big and just about the width of the car. Once you get it in the machine does do the rest and will pop up and transform in to a bot. Little J absolutely loves this part and it makes the all attempts at trying to get the car into the machine all worthwhile. Once inside you are ready for combat. 

Transforming the bot back to a machine is tricky too for little J but it does have a recommended age range of 6+  so in a few years he should be a whizz.

What We Loved
Lots of fun when the car makes the machine transform to a bot. 

The cars are great quality. Little J likes playing with them amongst his other cars.

When transformed they are perfect for pretend battling with. 

What Could Improve
It's a little tricky actually getting the car in the machine. Takes quite a few go's.

Havex Machines are currently available at most good toy shops and online.


Disclosure - We were sent two Havex Machines for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. 


  1. One for the nephews
    They'd love this

  2. May be one for the Christmas list!

  3. This is lovely my kids would love these

  4. Not heard of these but they sound like my little nephew would love them

  5. Sounds good - I hadn't heard of these before!


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