Saturday, 7 October 2017

Review - Chad Valley Street Showdown Racing Track & Cars Set

You may have read our recent announcement that we are back on the Chad Valley Play Panel and we are super excited. We love receiving toys and as part of our new role we were very lucky to receive the new Street Showdown Racing Track & Cars Set last week. Little J loves cars so was super excited to try this out.

Chad Valley Street Showdown Racing Track Box
The Street Showdown Racing Track is an exciting gravity fed two lane racing track set. Now when it said gravity I stupidly thought that the launchers just floated in the air which did make John laugh. However after looking at photos online it is made out to look like that but I can tell you the launchers do have to be attached to something. We attached ours to our dining room table. The fireplace was too high as was the window ledge. 

Chad Valley Street Showdown Racing Track - Boy Pushing Down Launchers
Set up was easy, there are two launchers, track pieces which are flexible and can be moulded in to loop shapes, a counter clock and ramps to hold the loops in places.

Chad Valley Street Showdown Racing Track two cars ready to race
The set comes with 5 cars however little J wanted lots of cars to be involved and the track is compatible with other similar size die-cast cars. 

Chad Valley Street Showdown Racing Track loop
Once you are ready to play you push the button to start the counter, release the cars from the twin gravity launcher and watch as they race along the track, through the loops and past the finish line. 

Chad Valley Street Showdown Racing Track Finish Line Showing 1.5 Seconds
The finishing line counter shows the winning lane by flashing and also the race time. 

Little J absolutely loved this and he has played with it for hours already. He loves racing cars and launchers so it was always going to be a hit.


What We Loved

Easy set up. 

Very appealing to little J as he loves cars, building tracks and racing. 

The 5 cars included are really good quality. I always check the cars as we have had some in the past that have had lose wheels but these are great. 

The counter is a great idea and adds to the fun. Little J loves seeing how long his car took to race down the track.

The track pieces are compatible with other Chad Valley sets. 

What Could Improve

 The main base that holds the loops in place keeps coming apart. It's annoying so John is possibly going to try and superglue it together. 


Chad Valley Street Showdown Racing Track
You can view the Chad Valley Street Showdown Racing Track & Cars Set by visiting the Chad Valley shop online at Argos. It is currently priced at £16.99.


Disclosure - We are part of the Chad Valley Play Panel. The Chad Valley Street Showdown Racing Track & Cars Set was sent to us for the purpose of this review.


  1. This is wonderful and my son would love this

  2. Oh wow this looks like lots of fun, shame about the loop undoing all the time, I'd have to superglue it together too xXx

  3. This looks like great fun, my son would love it.

  4. Reminds me of one we had when we were young
    Hours and hours of fun

  5. It's great to get the young ones doing and building things. This looks great! Shame my nephew is a little too old for it...

  6. I had an almost identical track set to this when I was little! I loved it so much & would play with it for hours! My son would love this!

  7. Father Christmas WILL be delivering this to us Christmas day -gping to be fun


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