Ideas To Keep You Busy In October

We are officially in the last quarter of 2021. Does anyone else think this year has flown by? This month we can expect darker mornings and darker nights. The Autumn wind will make it a little bit colder than September and we will just want to curl up on the sofa. However if you are looking for some ideas on how to keep busy this month then check out below. 


Vodka Day (4th)
Vodka which is translated as 'little water' is my choice of spirit. I usually only enjoy it at the weekend however I might make an exception for Vodka Day.

Improve Your Office Day (4th)
So many people are still working from home so you may be working from an office, a spare room at home or from the dining room table. Wherever you do your work, todays the day to give your office a clean and a declutter to improve your working space. 

World Teachers Day (5th)
Teachers do an amazing job with our children every day throughout the school year, developing them in to the adults they will become. Today is the day to show our appreciation. 

Mad Hatter Day (6th)
Celebrate Mad Hatter day by watching Alice in Wonderland. Which one will you choose? I prefer the original but the remake featuring Johnny Depp was also great. 

Bathtub Day (7th)
The first bathtub was created on this day in 1828. Why not turn your tub in to a mini spa today and chill and relax.

Beer and Pizza Day (9th)
This may be a normal Saturday night combination for you but if not why not give it a try tonight.

Handbag Day (10th)
I don't really need an excuse to buy a new handbag which you may have guessed if you recently saw my Disney Loungefly collection on Instagram. If you don't fancy buying a new bag today maybe give your bag a clear out. 

Cake Decorating Day (10th)
The perfect way to spend an afternoon. 

Face Your Fears Day (12th)
We are all scared of something - what is your fear? Maybe you could try and face it today?

No Bra Day (13th)
No bra day was created to raise awareness of breast cancer which affects 1 in 8 women. Maybe use today to check your boobs and get rid of the bra. 

Dessert Day (14th) 
I will be enjoying a huge slice of rainbow cake to help celebrate Dessert Day today. What dessert will you choose?

Global Handwashing Day (15th)
Making sure we are continuing to wash our hands has been one of the main focuses over the past 20 months. Let's not get complacent and use today as a reminder how important washing our hands is. 

Department Store Day (16th)
Department stores can make life so much easier offering everything under one roof. Maybe pay one a visit today and start some early Christmas shopping. 

Chocolate Cupcake Day (18th)
Again I really don't need an excuse to enjoy any type of cake but today I will choose a chocolate cupcake. 

Pumpkin Day (26th)
Head out to your local patch today to pick a pumpkin. If you've already got one why not enjoy some pumpkin soup, pie or a pumpkin spiced latte. 

Happy Halloween (31st)
However you are spending today I hope you have a Happy Halloween

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  1. Oh damn, I missed vodka day and improve your office day. I guess I still have beer and pizza day and dessert day to look forward to lol

  2. I am loving the sound of handbag day, I currently have my eye on a new handbag so could justify buying it for handbag day :)

  3. Wow, so many holidays! I think I will personally be enjoying dessert day and pumpkin day for sure! Yummy!

  4. I love that there are so many quirky days around October. I will definitely take a bath on the bathtub day, that is such a relaxing thing to do. Mad Hatter's Day deserves a re-watch of Alice in Wonderland indeed.

  5. Damn I missed vodka day. Looks like I can prepare for cake decorating day though. The kids would love that!!!

  6. Every day should be no bra day! Some fabulous and crazy days to celebrate this month, though I am liking the sound of handbag day!:) Your Disney collection is amazing! Sim x

  7. Looks like October is going to be a busy month for us, bookmarked your page so I can check on all the things we want to take part in

  8. Haha improve your office day I like, I could do with giving my office a good blitz and refresh

  9. I was planning to have a bath tomorrow anyway so I'll use the excuse of it being bath day then haha x


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