September 2021 | Looking Back

I love looking back at our month to see all the things we got up to and what has happened over the past 30 days. The main thing for us this month was settling back in to the back to school routine. Things are going well for little J, he is really enjoying it. Big J doesn't start university till this month but hopefully he will settle well and enjoy it too.

two boys walking in to Oktoberfest

We had a last minute trip to Oktoberfest at Alton Towers which was definitely a highlight. Alton Towers is one of our favourite places to visit and although Oktoberfest isn't a new event for the resort it was our first time visiting.

The resort planned five huge events this year starting with Mardi Gras (which was amazing), Oktoberfest, Scarefest, Fireworks and Christmas. I am hoping we get to visit the last three as they are always a great day out. 

boy with a 1.4m wristband on

While we were at Alton we got little J measured and he has FINALLY reached 1.4m. He absolutely loves rollercoasters so he was over the moon and couldn't wait to try out a new ride. He chose Galactica and loved it so much he went on it twice.

McFly on stage

Another highlight was seeing my favourite band in concert, Mcfly. We booked the tickets almost two years ago so it was a very long wait but it was definitely worth it. Unfortunately Tom who is one of the lead vocalists caught Covid so had to isolate. I was really gutted as I wasn't sure what the concert would be like without him but his band mates stepped up and also brought in a little Tom from the band Chapter 13 to help sing Tom's parts.

McFly on stage

I've been going to McFly Concerts for as long as they have been putting on shows and I never get bored, they are amazing live. 

In Other News

We have had quite a few social events to go to this month so it's been a busy one. I don't think there has been one weekend when we haven't had something planned.

John and I joined the gym at the very beginning of the month and pleased to say that after 30 days we are feeling much better in ourselves. We've been to a variety of classes and also swimming and really hope we keep it up. 

Little J's football has started up again. They played two matches this month, lost 6-3 in one match and then won 2-1 in another.

We started and finished all three seasons of Manifest. I really enjoyed it at first but then it got a little crazy but I stuck with it. John loved it and he cannot wait for the fourth and final season next year. 

How was September for you?


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