The Stolen Ones by Vanessa Curtis Book Review

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Her name is Inge. She is sixteen. She lives with her Mama and Papa in Munich. Food is still rationed, though the war ended over ten years ago. Her boyfriend is Jewish. She has to hide this from her parents. She thinks they are hiding something from her, too. Letters arrive every year on her birthday, but they are not addressed to her. They are for a girl named Kasia. This is Kasia's story. 

A historical and interesting young adult fiction based ten years after World War II ended. The Stolen Ones by Vanessa Curtis.

The Stolen Ones by Vanessa Curtis

This is now the fourth book I have read so far this year (which is a lot for me when by usual total is zero). The Stolen Ones wasn't the book I voted for in book club and I almost didn't join in. However I decided to take part last minute and I am glad I did. 

Inge is 16 years old. She lives in a nice home in a cul-de-sac with he Mama and Papa. She comes from a privileged home and although it is ten years post war in Munich when food is still hard to come by, they manage to get the best meat and the freshest of vegetables. Her life is a completely different to Wilf's. Wilf is her boyfriend. He lives in a small apartment with his Papa, Stefan. Money is tight, food is rationed although sometimes Inge feels more at home there and she does in her own home.  Wilf is Inge's secret. She does not think her Mama and Papa would approve. Wilf is a Jew. 

Inge seems to have everything she wants and needs except every night when she closes her eyes she has a nightmare. A nightmare she has had for years. Mama and Papa don't seem interested in her nightmares so Inge tries to forget about them until her nightmares start to reveal some truth about her past. 

Like I said earlier this isn't a book I would normally choose to read however the point of book club is to push you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to read genres you usually wouldn't. I really did like this though but it did take me the whole month to get through instead of just a few weeks like the previous months. 

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