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A few months ago a friend of ours used the Too Good To Go App. I had heard of it before but had no idea what it was. If you haven't heard of it I have since found out it's an app that allows you to save food from local restaurants, cafes and stores from going to waste. 

Cafe Nero

As you may already know we love money saving and cash back apps so we decided to give it a go. We were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use and we were impressed with the food we collected. 

How Does It Work?
Too Good To Go is an app available to download for free from your devices app store. Setup was quick and easy with just a few questions to answer including your name and email address. 

When setup is complete,  you then search for food in your local area. Find your location by pinpointing it on the map, searching by city or using your location. 

Once you have selected your location you can then decide to search within 3, 5, 10, 15 or 30km. The larger the range then the further you will have to travel, but the more choice you will have. 

That's it - you are now ready to browse available food that will go to waste in your local area. 

You can browse via a list or a map and choose food you would like to buy and collect. 


What Food Will I Get?
Each restaurant, cafe and store offers magic bags. The magic bags are mystery food bags that you will not know the contents of until you collect. Stores can't predict exactly what food will be left over at the end of the day so they offer a magic bag which will be full of surprises. 

What Restaurants, Cafes and Stores are included?
I think this depends on your local area as there are well known brands such as Costa, Cafe Nero, Baruritto and Spar but there are also local stores close to us that are not part of a bigger chain.

How Much Does A Magic Bag Cost?
The price of a bag varies depending on the restaurant, cafe or store. The cheapest bag I have seen is £2.59 for £10 worth of products and the most expensive is £10 for £40 worth of products. 

Costa Sandwiches

How Do I Collect The Bag?
This was really easy as every store we went in had the bags ready and understood what we asked for when we mentioned the magic bag.  We found it easier for us to show the app and explain we had a bag to pick up and this worked really well.  

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