Perfect Gifts For Dino Lovers This National Dinosaur Day

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The 15th May is a date on the calendar that will be very popular with Dino lovers across the globe. National Dinosaur Day is celebrated on both May 15th and June 1st and is a day that we can celebrate all things Dinosaur. I've chosen some perfect gifts to help us celebrate this special day.

Carson the Triceratops Soft Toy from GUND
Carson may be a strong dinosaur but he has the sweetest smile and gives the best cuddles. His soft body, smooth fur and chunky feet are the perfect combination for cuddles and adventures. 

Carson is 38cm tall approx and is suitable for children aged 1+

Currently priced £19

Zuru Smashers Dino Ice Age Surprise
Zuru Smashers Dino Ice Age Surprise
Surprise toys are so much fun and Dino fans will love the Smashers Dino Ice Age with over 25 surprises inside. Smash your way through to collect all the pieces to build your very own T-Rex, Pterodactyl or Woolly Mammoth.

Currently priced £25

Treasure Map Trails - Dinosaurs and Diggers
Take a walk about Chester town using the Chester Northgate and Cathedral treasure map. Following the clues on your map will take you along ancient streets, through holy grounds and onto the mighty Roman wall. Find 10 treasures along the way with a Dinosaurs and Diggers theme. 

Currently priced £5.99 for 1 map. Please keep an eye on our blog for a full review once completed.
National Geographic Dino Fossil - Dig Kit
The Dino Fossil dig kit has everything you need for young paleontologists to dig up some fossils. Included in the kit is 1 dig brick, 1 carded coprolite specimen and 1 T-Rex Tooth Replica. A dig tool, brush and magnifying glass is included as well as a full learning guide with instructions. 

The T-Rex tooth is extra special as it is molded from a genuine tooth fossil.

Currently priced at £9.95

Dino Dash Game
Dino Dash is a quick thinking card game that is perfect for dino lovers aged 4+. Once all the cards are dealt each player races to play out all their cards so they can be the winner. The cards feature T-Rex (Land Card), Plesiosaur (Sea Card) and Pteranodon (Sky Card) dinosaur and the aim is to much a dinosaur on one of your cards with the location on the discard pile. Watch out for the Meteor card!

Currently priced at £4.99

Fruit bowl dino eggs
Each bag of Fruit Bowl Dino Yogurt Eggs comes with  T-Rex, Pterodactyl, Velociraptor or Triceratops characters on the front of the bag. Inside are juicy raisins inside a Dino egg shell. The creamy yogurt shells come in red, green and blue speckled and are made using all natural colours. 

A healthy snack choice for Dino lovers. 

Currently priced at £2 for a pack of 5 at Morrisons and Waitrose

do you love dinosaurs book

I'm guessing if you are reading this then the answer to that question will be yes. Do you love Dinosaurs is a brightly illustrated non fiction children's book all about Dinosaurs. Jam packed with fun facts about all your favourite dinosaurs including Titanosaurus, Ankylosaurus and the mighty T-Rex. This book has everything you need to know and reminds us just how amazing Dinosaurs were. 

Currently priced at £5.99

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