What's New At Merlin Attractions In 2021

Today is the day that we begin the second step of the Roadmap out of lockdown and restrictions. All non essential shops will open, as well as hairdressers and beer gardens to name a few. I think the one thing we have been looking forward to the most is the opening of the Theme Parks. Visiting theme parks is our favourite day out and we can't wait till we can visit our favourites this year. 

Merlin Standard Annual Pass

We are Merlin Pass holders so their attractions will be top of our visit list this year. They have been working hard behind the scenes during lockdown to bring lots of new and exciting updates to their parks and attractions in 2021. Here is what we can look forward to.

Alton Towers

Due to Covid-19 the opening of David Walliams land was delayed but it now looks set to open this year with the 'land' being added to the park map and features new rides. 

Gangsta Granny: The Ride
This dark ride will take you on a journey based on the popular David Walliams book, Gangsta Granny. 

You must be 0.9m or over to ride, and 1.2m or over to ride without an adult. All riders aged 11+ must wear a face mask. 

Royal Carousel
Hop on board the Queens horses or sit on the throne as you spin round and round. 

If you are under 1.3m you must be with an adult (18+). All riders aged 11+ must wear a face mask. 

Raj's Bouncy Bottom Burp
Bounce up and down on Raj's Bouncy Bottom Burp Ride. 

You must be at least 0.9m to ride Raj's Bouncy Bottom Burp. If you are under 1.1m you must be with an adult (18+). All riders aged 11+ must wear a face mask. 

If you are familiar with Alton Towers you may know David Walliams land will take over the former land Cloud Cuckoo Land. 

Although the location has not been confirmed yet I can only assume that Gangsta Granny The Ride will either be in the Charlie and The Chocolate Factory ride which closed in 2015 or the old Wobble World play area. 

The Royal Carousel and Raj's Bouncy Bottom Burp sound very familiar to the Carousel and Frog Hopper which were located in Cloud Cuckoo Land so may not be new rides as such, maybe just rebranded. 

Alton made a very exciting announcement recently on their social media that they have added three 'pop up' type rides to the park called The Retro Squad. 

We don't know a lot about these rides other than they are old school rides called Mixtape, Funk'n'Fly and Roller Disco. 

The locations of the rides have been shared with a brief description.

Roller Disco 
Located in The Dark Forest and is a spinning ride.

Mix Tape 
Located in X Sector and seems to be a 'bouncy' type of ride. 

Located in Forbidden Valley and says we will soar to heights.

All three rides require you to be a minimum of 1.2m and all riders aged 11+ must wear a face mask. 

All the above rides may not open on the 12th April 2021. Further updates will be made with opening dates once released.

Chessington World Of Adventures

It looks like there is just one new addition to Chessington World of Adventures in 2021. 

Croc Drop
Jump on board and reach great heights before being plunge 25m in to the Crocs Jaw.

Croc Drop is a fun and exciting 'drop tower' type of ride which requires all riders to be a minimum of 1.2m. If you are between 1.2-1.3 you must ride with an adult over the age of 16. All riders over 1.3 can ride alone. 

There is no update about face masks for this ride however I assume it will be similar to Alton Towers. 

Legoland Windsor Resort

Opening on the 29th May Lego Mythica is a new land coming to Legoland Windsor Resort. Mythica is a parallel universe where all the lego creatures we create go so they can come to life. 

There are three new rides opening in the land of Lego Mythica and includes the UK's first ever flying theatre ride. 

Flight Of The Sky Lion
Take a ride with Maximus through Lego Mythica and explore the realms facing some of the rarest and scariest creatures.

Fire and Ice Free Fall
Two spinning top tower rides.

Hydra's Challenge.
An interactive water ride with twists and turns.

Again there isn't much information about the new land and the three exciting new rides. As soon as information is released I will update minimum height restrictions and other updates. 

Thorpe Park 

Just one new attraction heading to Thorpe Park this spring and it is a UK first.

Black Mirror Labyrinth
Opening on May 21st The UK's first ever Black Mirror Experience attraction. Described as a twisted and sensory defying maze it will lead you in to the core of the Black Mirror Universe. 

Based on the description I will assume this will be adults only however will update as soon as more information is released. 

Warwick Castle

A new activity trail to follow.

Zog and The Quest For The Golden Star
Included in the price of your ticket and available until 5th September 2021, the Zog activity trail will keep you busy. Learn how to become a true dragon, rescue a princess and collect stamps along the way. 

Zog will be there to pose for a photograph and hand out some golden stars too. 

All these new rides and attractions should keep us busy this year. What are you looking forward to most?


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