What To Pack For A Day Out With The Kids

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a bag for of essentials for a day out
We are very lucky to go on so many days out with the kids throughout the year. I have become an expert when it comes to packing a bag of essentials that we may need over the course of the day. I thought I would share with you checklist on What To Pack For A Day Out With The Kids.

First we pack a bag that we will carry then we pack a bag that can be left in the car. We usually take a back pack style bag. We have quite a few but our favourite is one we picked up in Walt Disney World. It has lots of different compartments and the perfect size for a day out.

Essentials for the bag we will carry on the day out.

Spare Clothes
Taking a spare set of clothes is essential when travelling with little ones. They tend to get wet, muddy and all other things so having a fresh set of clothes ensures that they can have as much messy fun as they want without it spoiling the rest of your day.

Baby Wipes
Perfect for cleaning hands, faces, shoes, clothes or anything else that might get dirty.

Basic First Aid
We always carry a selection of plasters, calpol for the kids, paracetamol for adults, sudocrem, and piraton.

Sun Protection
We always carry sun cream with us as you never know just how hot it can be sometimes when you head out for the day. The weather can change suddenly and we need to make sure we take care of our skin. We usually wrap it in a sandwich bag to help prevent any leaks.

Drinks and Snacks
If we are taking a packed lunch with us we will usually make sandwiches and take crisps and a biscuit for a treat. Try and avoid chocolate type snacks as they can melt in the bag. We will usually take little J's reusable drinks bottle and then bottles of water for us.

Phone and Portable Charger
Unfortunately my phone battery doesn't last as long as it should anymore so I find that my battery can die quite quickly especially when I am taking photos or videos on it. We use the Zippo Heatbank and whilst it is a great way to recharge my depleted phone battery it also doubles as a hand warmer which is perfect for the chilly days or evenings. I suffer from cold hands so the heatbank has been perfect for keeping them warm and it can last up to 6 hours too.

Spare Change
I always like to carry some spare change with me as you never know when you will need some coins. It could be for a car park or a visit to the ice cream man.

Essentials for the bag we keep in the car.

Swim Clothes and Towel
Days out to the beach or park can usually end up with little J wanting to go in the water or splash park so its important to make sure we swim wear and a towel handy so he can enjoy water play and get dry afterwards.

Spare Shoes / Wellies
Depending on the day out and the wether I will usually take spare shoes and/or wellies with us in the car.

Tablet and Headphones
If the journey is long I will take little J's tablet and headphones in the car to keep him occupied.

What is your 'must pack' essentials for a trip out with the kids?


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  1. I have most of those things when we go out with our child. Plus extra baby products and sometimes even a stroller.

  2. These are the essentials! I can't think of any kid who doesn't get dirty while playing, or hungry and thirsty. Excellent choices to pack!

  3. I think wet wipes are an essential in your bag when you have kids as well as painkillers. Some great packing tips here.

  4. These are some great tips on what to pack for days out with kids. I have a young niece and nephew who we regularly take on days out. Drinks bottles and snacks are essential!

  5. My must packs are nappies, wipes, sun protection and spare clothes. If I remember anything else then I consider that a success, haha!

  6. I pack the same things for days out with the kids. Spare clothes and first aid kit is particularly important. If we are travelling far in the car the kids either bring their tablets, Nintendo switch to play games in the car or a book to read.

  7. We always pack spare clothes! The amount of times I fall over or get wet, we've learned our lessons! Always good to have snacks as well!

  8. This is such a fab checklist. there is so much stuff people need anyway, so always good to be prepared xx

  9. Now the kids are older I don't worry so much about packing a bag when we go out, but when they were little I had everything on the list you've posted :)

  10. Wet wipes are essential, plus snacks and a drink.

  11. Spare clothes, wipes, food, juice, picnic blanket and nappies

  12. Snacks, wipes and a light jacket are my essentials

  13. Definitely don't leave the house without wet wipes, also water!

  14. My first grandchild is due any day now, I will have to get used to packing for children again!

  15. lip balm as they always get dry lips, sun cream, coats, wipes, snacks and lots of water.

  16. aways, wipes and drinks are top of our list, we always do a list for a big day out an cross things off

  17. We always pack similar things for our days out :)

  18. I don't have an actual list but I have a mental one. It does vary depending on where we are going but a lot is the same regardless of destination/activity

  19. wow, great list thanks for sharing, could you believe i forgot the Basic First Aid last time we travelled! have one in the car now just in case.

  20. I too pack the same essentials for days out with the kids. I have an actual check list to remind me just in case I forget before leaving the house.


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