5 Rainy Day Activities

4 September 2019

Disclosure - We were sent Chicago Town vouchers to sample their pizza. We have included Chicago Town in this post however the idea, thoughts, opinions and photos in this post are our own.

Boy staring out in to the rain
There is nothing worse than planning a nice day out and you wake up to find it's raining outside. Unfortunately living in the UK this is quite normal so I always make sure I have some rainy day activities planned as a back up plan.

Boy baking a cake

Little J loves baking so I always make sure I have some simple ingredients in the cupboards which we can turn in to cakes or biscuits. Baking doesn't have to be just about baking you can make it as fun or educational as you wish.

Use the opportunity to encourage some simple maths such as counting out the ingredients or reading the measuring jug.

Be adventurous. Maybe try and bake something you have never tried before especially if you have a fussy eater. This could be your way of introducing new foods.

Sort Out The Toy Box
This may not sound like a fun activity to do on a rainy day but honestly you will be surprised. I always include this activity on a rainy day and it keeps little J busy and entertained. Once I start pulling out all his toys to go through he usually finds things that he has totally forgotten about and will sit and play with them for hours.

boy playing a game
Playing games is fun no matter what the weather. We have so many games to choose from so I usually bring downstairs a handful of games that we haven't played in a while. You can make it fun by adding a score board to see who the ultimate board game winner is or whoever wins the first game gets to choose which game to play next and so on.

Little J also loves to play Top Trumps which is also a great way to spend a rainy afternoon.

iPad or Tablet Time
I usually let little J have his iPad whenever he wants during day and whilst I don't restrict him to a set amount of screen time, he usually comes off after a short time anyway when he is ready to do something else. However on a rainy day he may ask for it a little bit longer as he can't go outside so I will usually let him have his own time on his iPad and then we will do something together on it.

We will play games on it together or he loves apps like Word Cookies where he needs a little bit of help spelling words. He also likes doing maths so we have an app that does basic sums that we play together.

pizza box and harry potter movie

PJ and Movie Day 
I can't speak for anyone else but it is not very often we have a PJ day in our house. There is usually always something we have to get dressed for. It is nice once in a while to let the kids stay in their PJ's and have a PJ and Movie Day.

Let the kids choose the snacks and the movies and enjoy a nice relaxing day on the sofa. The boys love it when we say we will have a movie night and will always choose pizza and popcorn.

Their favourite pizza is Chicago Town Cheesy or Tomato Stuffed Crust pizza and garlic bread. Little J has been a little more adventurous with his pizza toppings recently going for a pepperoni pizza rather than just a plain cheese. Again use this opportunity to let the kids choose what toppings they would like on their pizza or what snacks they would like to share. Children love being involved and you can even let them help prepare the snacks and drinks.

Do you have any favourite rainy day activities?



  1. We love baking or having a PJ and movie day when the rain hits! It just can't be beaten.

  2. We love to curl up with a favourite film and boxes of popcorn on a rainy day!

  3. Those are some great activity ideas. Me and my family usually play board games most of the time then finish it off with some movies whenever it rains.

  4. Baking and a movie and dinner are firm favourites with us, even without kids. I love being able to snuggle up and watch something with some treats x

  5. I love this time of year and look forward to lots of suggly PJ and Movie nights! We especially love Chicago Town pizza too! Kaz

  6. We love board games when its raining or movie marathons of their favourite cartoons and movies.

  7. Mine love a movie day with popcorn if the weather is bad

  8. With the colder weather and rain heading our way these are great ideas on how to keep the children occupied

  9. On a rainy day we enjoy doing arts and crafts at home or just playing jenga

  10. We often bake or do arts and crafts!

  11. We love to bake and play games. We also love reading

  12. I love pizza and film days! Nothing beats being snuggled up when it’s raining


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