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18 September 2019

Cbeebies Hotel, Alton Towers
A trip to Alton Towers can be so much fun for all the family but it can also be very exhausting. Even though we don’t don’t live to far away we usually make the most of our visit by booking a night stay at the Resort. Staying the night has lots of benefits but here are our top five reasons why we think you should stay at The Alton Towers Resort.

Inside the Artic Explorer Room
A Choice of Accommodation To Suit Your Family and Budget
The resort started with just the Alton Towers hotel but now you can also choose to stay at Splash Landings which is usually slightly cheaper. If you have little ones you may like to stay at the Cbeebies Hotel which is the newest out of the three hotels aimed at younger guests. If you fancy something different you can choose to stay in the Enchanted Village which offers Woodland Lodges and Tree Houses. The newest addition to the accommodation available at the Alton Towers Resort is the Stargazing Pods which are a budget friendly option.

Inside the Alton Towers Arcade
A Wide Variety Of Entertainment
Each hotel has lots of entertainment to keep you happy during your stay. The singers at Sir Algenons Bar at the Alton Towers Hotel will keep you entertained during the evening whilst you enjoy a relaxing drink. If you want entrainment for the little ones then head to Margaritas Bar at The Splash Landings Hotel where they have fun and games for the little ones and usually have a disco too. They also have two amusement arcades too.

The Waterpark at Alton Towers Resort
The Waterpark
The Waterpark at Alton Towers Resort is a must and us a day out in itself. Ride the waterslides, lay back on a rubber ring and enjoy the lazy river or head outside and enjoy the jacuzzi. There is something for everyone to enjoy and the best part is it is tropical temperatures inside so you feel like you are on holiday.

Mini Golf at Alton Towers Resort
Extraordinary Golf
Extraordinary Golf is also a great way to enhance your stay. The two courses take you on a journey through Alton Towers most popular rides. Each course has 9 holes each and you can either choose to complete one or both it’s up to you.

Wickerman at Alton Towers Resort
Enjoy Another Day In The Park
If one day wasn’t enough for you then you can head back in to the park the next day to do it all again. Hotel guests are entitled to Early Ride Time so you can head to the park first thing to beat the queues you could also use your extra day to explore the Alton Towers Gardens


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  1. That looks so fun, especially the water park! I'm sure my kids would love it!

  2. I have always wanted to stay at the Alton Towers resort but not managed it so far - will have to look out of season when the prices are better

  3. I really fancy the Splash Landings. We all love a good waterpark and it looks fab. Haven't been to Alton Towers in years! x

  4. It does sound like great fun there. We've stayed at Butlins and Centre Parcs before. Never thought to stay here until now! Love the water park.

  5. It's so hard for us to get to as we don't drive but I would love to take Erin one day. It looks amazing.

  6. I REALLY want to take the kids to Splash Landings. Looks like we might have to book a birthday treat for one of them... or me!

  7. My dad took myself and my brothers to Alton Towers when I was 13, so around 1994. I remember the long drive there and queueing for ages to go on the Nemesis. The hotel there looks amazing, I would love to take my 3 there.

  8. The rooms there look great! I think it is totally worth doing as Alton Towers is so big you need to be there a couple of days to do it all.

  9. This sounds great. I would love to take the kids to Alton Towers and stay there for a few nights. The waterpark looks brilliant!

  10. Up until last year summer, I did not know there was accommodation at Alton Towers, I love that it is budget friendly.

  11. How did I not know that Alton Towers had a water park lol!?! The hotel looks so fab and I love how fun the rooms look for the kids, I know my two would love to stay here!

  12. We have visited Alton Towers a few times but never stayed overnight, the hotel room looks very unique, love it! I think the early ride time would be a real asset too.

  13. I absolutely love the look of that tropical water park. We haven't been to Alton Towers for some kids would love it so I need to change that!

  14. we would love to go and visit here im sire my kids will have a very good time here

  15. We actually went to Alton Towers a couple of months ago! We did CBeebies Land and the main park and both the kids and us loved it! Caitylis x x

  16. It's been such a long time since I last went to Alton Towers but I'd love to head back soon. I think it's so good to stay especially with the early access the next day x

  17. I have never been to Alton Towers, which is strange because I don't think it's that far away from us. Seems like there are some good benefits to staying there!

  18. Stayed quite a few times due to distance from home - love it


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