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A selection of books
This month we headed to the library so that little J could choose some new books to read at bedtime. There were so many to choose from however he did manage to narrow it down to just 12 and these are a few of his favourite bedtime stories.

Animal ABC Book
Animal ABC
Learn the alphabet and meet amazing animals along the way using the lift and flap.

Little J really enjoyed this and it introduced him to animals he had not heard of before such as Quokka, Uakari, Ibis and a Yak.

Lunchtime book
It's lunchtime for one little girl, but she's just not hungry. A visiting crocodile, bear and wolf however are starving. It's just as well that children taste revolting.

We love this story all about food, friendships and fun.

Mixed book
In the beginning there were three colours, Reds, Yellows and Blues. All living together in harmony until one day Red says he is the best. No longer happy with living together, the colours decide to divide but just as it seems there's no turning back, cool blue and bright yellow save the day.

This is a really lovely story about understanding, love, acceptance and also shows what happens when colours mix. 

Something Fishy
Something Fishy
There is something fishy going on, but not in a good way. When a cat wants fish, nothing else will do and bringing home a new baby really doesn't help. Who saw that coming?... not the jealous cat.

Little J loves this story and insists that John reads it to him with funny voices. I love listening to him chuckle. 

You Choose Book
You Choose in Space
Zoom into Space for an adventure where you choose what happens next. Which alien would you most like to be friends with? What fantastically freaky food will you munch for lunch?

After reading You Choose in Space little J also wants to try and find You Choose and You Choose your Dreams too.

What stories have you been reading this month?



  1. We have Something Fishy! It is a great picture book!

  2. I've not heard of these books before, but I bet my friend's kid would love them!

  3. A nice selection there, it looks as if there is good variety. Now the kids are too big, I miss reading to them. It goes too quick. Mich x

  4. I think it's always so nice that even when the story seems quite simple there's always a message behind it x

  5. Something Fishy sounds like one that my daughter would enjoy

  6. I would love these books for my kids and little nephew. He is already beginning to love being read to, and he's not even 2 years old!

  7. What a lovely collection of books, its been a while since I last went to read my nephew a book

  8. I think these books will be a good birthday gift to little kids who would surely enjoy reading them.

  9. What a great collection of books, I used to love heading to the library as a kid to pick out some new books x

  10. These are all great books for bed time routines.

  11. Love your selection of books, with so many children's books published it's hard to choose so these recommendations are really helpful, thank you!

  12. I think my niece would love the ABC Animal book the most. She is obsessed with animals.


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