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Disclosure - I received a discount code towards the purchase of our photo book. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own.
We have been so lucky over the years to enjoy many adventures together as a family of four. I often look through my hard drive full of photos with a smile on my face remembering all the memories we have shared together so far. I had an idea a few months ago to create a photo book of our adventures from the last six years but never got round to it so when Max Photo offered me the chance to review a photo book I knew exactly what I wanted to create.

Having the idea to create a photo book is the easy part it's actually choosing the photos that you want to put in which is tricky as I love them all. After browsing the website for photo book ideas I chose a hard cover medium landscape book.

The book is approx A4 size and comes with a standard 20 pages. Once you are ready to create your photo book you click personalise and you can then add your photos ready to start your book.

The website lets you save your progress so there is no need to rush and try and get your book created all in one day. Adding the photos took me days as I wanted to make sure I had the right photographs and it was tough to narrow them down.

Once I had all the photos in the album I was then ready to design the book. The front and back cover is a full A4 size landscape photo then each page can have a different layout and there are lots to choose from. One page could be one large photo and the next could be 5 smaller photos, its entirely up to your personal preference. I had a mixture of different layouts as it depended on the photographs.

You can also give your book a title. I chose Our Adventures 2013-2018

After about a week of creating I was ready to checkout. The standard cost for a medium landscape photo book with 20 pages is £25 however you can add more pages at £1.50 per page (2 sides). My total cost for the book was £52 with free delivery to a Max Photo store.

My book was ready to collect within 5 working days. I am so pleased with the finished result, it's beautiful.

I love that I can now browse through my favourite photos without having to trawl through the computer hard drive.

I actually saved the book on the Max Photo website and I was able to duplicate the order within 30 days, which I have done to give as a gift so it saved me having to create it all again.

I'm actually considering creating more photo books as I love how easy it was to create, that I could take my time, personalise each page and the book itself is lovely.

For more information you can view the personalised photo books available by visiting Max Photo



  1. No, but I have been thinking about doing one for the kid's.

  2. What a great book, it would make a lovely gift.

  3. These are BRILL - will have a LOOK later

  4. I love photo books as I think they're such a nice way of storing photos . I haven't created one in a while though as I'm still so used to just printing photos x

  5. I love photobooks as its a great way to print out photos and have them documented with words and a timeline. Max Photo Book looks lovely, I will be checking them out

  6. Looks like you and your family have so many good memories captured. What a lovely picture book. I have been wanting to make one for my kids. I hope to someday and this would be a great choice

  7. I absolutely love this, what a fantastic present for a family member or friend! x

  8. Photo books are a great way to keep memories.

  9. I love photo books, they are such a great way to keep special memories. Lovely gift idea. Kaz

  10. I love the idea of these, they're such a great way to keep all your photos and memories together in one place x

  11. What a lovely way to capture memories and look back on good times. I'd love one of these for all of my photos!


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