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Disclosure - We were gifted this canvas for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. 
We love our family pictures around the house and have a number of canvas and framed large pictures that we like to  keep up to date as much as possible. Choosing a provider to bring your digital photographs to life on a large scale can be daunting as there are so many different services offered these days. For our latest canvas we wanted something a little bigger than we have had previously, and Photowall had exactly what we wanted.

The online process was simple enough. As you would expect we needed to upload our photo, in the highest quality possible. The higher the quality of the picture, the better the final version of your canvas is likely to be. After uploading its time to choose the size of your canvas. Finally you can choose whether you want the canvas to stretch over the sides of the frame, or to leave the frame on view. We always choose the stretch option, as we like the photo to go all the way around.

Our canvas was printed within 24 hours and dispatched really quickly. It arrived less than 48 hours after ordering which was a really impressive turnaround.  When the canvas arrived it was not the shape we expected!  Instead of a large rectangular parcel, we had a long, but small parcel that would be more at home when posting an umbrella or something of that nature.

We quickly realised that the canvas needed to be self built from the included rolled up canvas, frame pieces and screws.  Every other canvas we have delivered has been ready made, however this was a bigger size than we have had before.  Instructions are provided and overall it isn't difficult to put the canvas together, although I was a little nervous as the canvas itself is delicate.

Once you attach the four frame sides to the canvas and push them together, there are pre drilled holes for you to put brackets over and fasten with the screws that are provided.  Honestly, it took me two goes to actually get the canvas on to the frame properly as I always seem to miss an instruction somewhere along the way with anything involving construction.  However once completed, the canvas looks fantastic, with the quality of the finished product evident when it is up on the wall.

So, if you don't mind a small amount of DIY, and are looking for a quality canvas then you should give Photowall a try, you won't be disappointed with the final outcome.



  1. It sounds like it wasn't to hard to put together. I'd be worried about breaking it too.

  2. I’d be worried about ruining it but you’ve nailed it.

    It looks great, good quality picture which can sometimes be an issue when they are enlarged for a canvas x

  3. Ah I love the photo you've picked! The canvas looks like good quality too

  4. I'm glad you commented on how easy it was to put together. Like you, I think I would be worried about damaging the print. Looks like a great canvas

  5. I don’t have enough family photos on the walls, so this is a great idea

  6. The end result is fabulous and what an impressive turnaround time! It's always been my experience that these kind of products take a week or so.

  7. I haven't but yours look great

  8. We have pencil portraits of each of our boys, that my husband did, on our walls. But we are having a family photoshoot soon and are going to get a canvas done of the whole family.


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