Review - Thomas & Friends Trackmaster Scrapyard Escape Set

24 August 2017

You may have already read that last month little J experienced his first visit to the cinema. It's such a big deal going to the cinema for the first time and I am glad we waited till we thought he was ready. Now he has been once he is desperate to go again so we have planned a visit to see Thomas & Friends - Journey Beyond Sodor this weekend as it's released in Cinemas on August 25th. We haven't told him yet but he loves Thomas so we are sure he will love every minute of it. To get him in the mood we have been sent Thomas & Friends Trackmaster Scrapyard Escape Set which was inspired by the new movie. 

Before you begin set up you will need to find 2 x AAA batteries as Thomas is motorised and requires batteries to go. 

 Scrapyard Escape includes Thomas, cargo car, two cargo pieces, and full track layout with cable bridge crossing, steelworks shack, and cargo grabber/holder.

Setting the track up was simple and little J was eager to help. He loves making tracks although you do need adult guidance as the layout has to be a certain way for the features to work.
Once you are set up place Thomas on the track and he is ready to go. 

​When Thomas reaches the first ledge, the cable bridge drops down.

​After crossing the cable bridge and entering the shack, a cog drops into Thomas' cargo car.

​A hill automatically extends from the shack so Thomas can descend to the tracks below.

​As Thomas passes the cargo holder, the arm grabs the cog from his cargo car and drops it in the holder.

We love watching Thomas go around the track and watching all the features play out. 

Little J has a few Trackmaster sets already so was so excited when he saw Scrapyard Escape. We love the Trackmaster sets as not only are they great stand alone play sets but you can also add them to other Trackmaster sets you own to make bigger railway tracks.


What We Loved

Motorised Thomas - we love watching him go around the track.

Lots of features including dropping bridge.

You can add extra track from other Trackmaster sets to create a bigger playset.

What Could Improve

Personally, I prefer batteries to be included as there is nothing worse than getting a new toy and your children eager to play and you haven't got the right batteries. 


Thomas & Friends Trackmaster Scrapyard Escape has an RRP of £39.99 and is currently available at most good toy retailers and online. You can also catch Thomas & Friends - Journey Beyond Sodor available on DVD from October 16th.


Disclosure - We received Thomas & Friends Trackmaster Scrapyard Escape for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. 


  1. We have a few trackmaster sets that the kids adore - I love that my 15 year old sets still fit together with modern ones too

  2. Looks like good toy. The children do love Thomas & Friends.

    Rachel Craig

  3. We love this at our house always fun and learning

  4. My son absolutely loved Thomas when he was younger, he had the toys, tracks, clothes, trainers, dvds, books, and his bedroom was decorated with Thomas, he would have loved this set, our five year old daughter now has some of the books and trains and enjoys playing with them, it is frustrating when toys don't include batteries, especially ones that cost alot, I know they don't want them to corrode in the toys but they could put them in the box in separate packaging xxx


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