Review - Teletubbies Giggling TiddlyTubbies

31 August 2017

We absolutely love Teletubbies and it's crazy to think that big J used to watch them 15 years ago and now little J does too. A few weeks ago we were sent Teletubbies Giggling TiddlyTubbies Umby Pumby and Ping.

The Tiddlytubbies are new additions to the Home Dome. There are 8 in total and they are smaller versions of the Teletubbies. When the voice trumpet announces it's time for the Tiddlytubbies, the Teletubbies rush to the play area to play with the babies. 

Umby Pumby is cute, cuddly but always sleepy. She is usually found cuddling her teddy bear and sucking her thumb. 

Ping is the noisy Tiddlytubbie. She is often found banging anything that makes noise especially her wooden xylophone and shout 'Ping' over and over. 

The giggling Tiddlytubbies are about 8 inches tall and are made from a really soft towelling material. Their faces are textured and hard. To make the Tiddlytubbies giggle all you need to do is press their tummies. 

Little J loves taking both of them to bed with him and I often hear them giggling in the night when he has rolled on them. As the Tiddlytubbies take cell batteries they are inside the tubby and stitched closed for safety. This means that there is no off switch and I assume once the batteries run out then there is no way to replace them.

The Tiddlytubbies are designed for children aged 18 months plus. 


What We Loved

Super soft material, perfect for cuddles. 

A nice addition to the Teletubbies family.

The giggling noises are very cute. 

What Could Improve

No off switch.

You cannot replace the batteries if they ever ran out.


For more information on the Tiddlytubbies you can visit Character Online. Tiddlytubbies are available in most toy retailers and online


Disclosure - We were sent Tiddlytubbies for the purpose of this review. all thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own.


  1. These look great fun for little ones

  2. These look so cute but I think the fact that you can't switch off would annoy me!

  3. My 8 month old daughter loves Teletubbies, as soon as she hears it starting she turns straight to the Tv, I've been looking to get her the toys for Christmas but with no off switch or way to change the batteries I think Il give these a miss, I want to get her the crawling one xxx


Thanks for your comments. I love reading them :)