Review - Jungle In My Pocket Treehouse Playset

11 August 2017

 Welcome to the jungle, if you're a fan of puppy and Kitty in my pocket, you'll go wild for these new fuzzy jungle pets. Jungle in my pocket is the latest line of collectible characters to join the in my pocket family. They're soft, cute and ready for adventure. We have not heard of Jungle in my pocket so we were excited to receive the Jungle In My Pocket Treehouse Playset last week. We also received two blind bags which little J finds very exciting. 

The playset includes two exclusive animals, Rhumba the Indian Rhinoceros and Luna the Red Panda.   

The treehouse is very colourful and has lots of features including a leaf hammock swing which you can put your animals in and watch them swing from side to side.

The animals also enjoy climbing up the tree stump ladder and sliding their way down after keeping look-out in the nest. 

You can also watch the animals play on the see-saw, drink from the water bowl and launch fruit from the launcher. 

 The more animals in the tree house the more fun there's plenty of room in the tree house to collect the other jungle in my pocket animal sets.

The treehouse also comes with a collector checklist so you can keep track of which jungle animals you still need to collect.

Little J had so much fun opening up his blind bags.


What We Loved

Little J loves blind bags so it will be nice to collect.

We love that there is a playset available to use with the animals.

Lots of features on the treehouse including ladder and swing

What Could Improve

The only thing I would say is possibly the cost, but I know we all have different ideas of cheap and expensive is different. 


To find out more about Jungle In My Pocket you can visit Just Play and it is available to buy online at Amazon 


Disclosure - We received the Jungle In My Pocket Treehouse and Two Blind Bags for the purpose of this post. all thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own


  1. my little girl would love playing with this :)

  2. This looks a lovely toy, I was really struck by how bright it was

  3. Aww this is a cute set, my five year old daughter would love it, it does get expensive with the blind bags etc especially when they end up with double and triple the same ones xxx


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