Review - Casdon Baby Huggles Car Booster Seat

2 August 2017

As the boys are now off for 6 weeks there will be plenty of opportunities for us to go on day trips which involves a lot of car journeys. I try to make the car journeys interesting for the boys, we play games, sing songs but mostly they just want to play on their devices. Little J always brings two cars with him and his teddy wherever we go. When we were offered the chance to review the Casdon Baby Huggles Car Booster Seat I thought it would be a great addition to our car journeys as now teddy would have somewhere to sit. 

The harness is a little lose around teddy but the straps do adjust.

The Casdon Baby Huggles Car Booster Seat is a perfect role play toy but more importantly it promotes safety. Little J loves popping teddy in to the seat and instantly fastening him in. The seat has a 3 point harness secured by a pair of hand shaped buckles. Little J has always understood the importance of putting our seat belt on in the car. He will always remind me if I haven't buckled him in  before we head off on a journey. Now he is doing the same for his teddy which is so cute to watch. 

The harness fits better around Peppa.

The car seat can also be used as part of role play inside the home too. Little J often pretends the sofa is a car and he is driving somewhere far away. 

The car seat can fit a doll or teddy up to 46cm, it has a padded head rest and arm rests too. It looks just like a real car seat. 


What We Loved

Realistic Role Play Toy

3 Point Harness ensures dolly or teddy is safe

Promotes Car Safety

Fits dolls up to 46cm

What Could Improve

Would be nice if it came in another colour. Little J absolutely loves pink but I know some boys don't.


The Casdon Baby Huggles Booster Car Seat is available in most good retailers and Amazon. To view the Casdon Baby Huggles range you can click to visit the Casdon Website.


Disclosure - We received the Casdon Baby Huggles Car Booster Seat for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. 


  1. How adorable is this? My kids would have loved this when they were small. Our kids go back to school in two weeks - the summer holidays have flown by!

  2. I love the sound of the Casdon baby car sea! And how cute! This is great for imaginative play. I agree, it would be nice to see it in other colours too.. Although I do love the pink! x

  3. This is so cute, my Megan would love it, she takes her dolls and teddies in the car and I have to belt them in in between her and her 8 month old sisters car seats, I agree they should do more colours xxx


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