What Would You Choose? #ImpossibleExperiences

If you could do anything or go anywhere in the world what would you choose? For me it would be a family holiday to Disney World in Florida. I've dreamt about going there all my life but what if I could do something even better. What if I could create #ImpossibleExperiences. Have you ever thought "I wish I could do that?' or "If I won the lottery I would...". We have all had those thoughts at some point but what would your impossible experience be?
Mine is simple, if I could choose anything in the world my #ImpossibleExperiences would be to have an overnight sleepover in the Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris. All the Princesses would be there including Rapunzel who is my favourite. We would all be dressed in Disney Princess Pyjamas and we would spend the first part of our sleepover having a girly pamper session. Afterwards we would give each other makeovers and then we would a Disney themed midnight feast.

We would have lots of tea and champagne with Mickey Mouse shaped cupcakes and we would stay up all night chatting about all the princes. 

There is something so magical about Disney and no matter what #ImpossibleExperiences I think of they all involve Disney in some way.

Into the Blue have an amazing competition running at the moment where you could win a £200 voucher to spend on an experience day from their site. All you need to do to enter is think hard about what #ImpossibleExperiences you would choose. What if money wasn't an issue and you have what ever your heart desired. 

Would you ....

... fly to the moon?

... go and visit the Titanic wreckage?

... be a member of the Royal family for the day?

The choice is yours.

You can find a few examples that Into the Blue have created  themselves to give you an idea by visiting www.intotheblue.co.uk/impossible-experiences.

If you are chosen as a winner you will win a £200 Into The Blue voucher to buy an experience day of your choice.

To enter you will need to post your experience idea onto their Facebook page or Twitter using the hashtag #ImpossibleExperiences and tagging in @intotheblueuk

You need to get your entries in before midnight on the 28th February and the winner will be notified by the 4th March on the social media channel they enter by.

What #ImpossibleExperiences would you choose?



  1. How fantastic. Mine would definitely involve a holiday!

  2. Would be lovely to go on a family Disney Orlando holiday. my son is obsessed with rollercoasters and wants to try them all out but not quite tall enough for the scary rides. Swimming with dolphins is something I would like to experience

  3. I agree for me it would be disneyland florida and stay there so we can make sure we cover the whole lot :-)

  4. be a member of the Royal family for the day x

  5. Love this idea!! If I could choose anything, it'd be to go on the transiberean train :D Although dinner with Disney princesses sounds pretty cool too!

  6. What a fun competition. I'd love to have tea with the Queen, followed by a trip to the royal spa of choice with the Dutchess of Cambridge 😀

  7. I think my kids woudl be with you and they would choose Florida in the blink of an eye too. I'd love to go back to the Caribbean, I don't mind where. Mich x

  8. we would love to go back to Florida, hopefully one day we will get back

  9. Great competition. I have entered

  10. I would have afternoon tea with the Queen x

  11. I would like to visit Disneyland. Have afternoon tea and champagne, a delicious evening meal and sleep overnight in the Princess's Castle.

    Rachel Craig

  12. Ive entered, really enjoyed thinking up something impossible!

  13. Overnight in the castle would be amazing


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