Schleich Wild Life Starter Set Review

20 February 2017

You may remember that last year we reviewed the Schleich Farm and how much we loved it. We still do and out of all of little J's toys this really has been played with the most and it is still in perfect condition. Quality is everything when it comes to toys, obviously you want them to be enjoyable but they also need to be durable. Last week we received a Schleich Wild Life Starter set which includes 4 animals. Little J is really enjoying playing with his animals at the moment and it wasn't long before they were introduced to his lion playset.
The one thing that you notice first about the wild life starter set is just how 'real' looking the animals are. The detail is amazing, something that we found with the farm too. Then when you hold one you instantly feel the quality and just how durable they will be.

The wild life set includes a lion, monkey, zebra and elephant. Little J has been playing with his lion playset so these animals were a perfect fit and look at home in their new surrounding. 

Little J's imagination always surprises me when you leave him with toys. He loves creating storylines and I love watching him and how involved he gets when playing. Now little J has never been to the African Plains but we have been to the safari park so he knows the animals and how they move.


What We Loved

The detail of the animals and how realistic they look.

The quality is amazing.

Enjoyable and durable.

What Could Improve

Nothing, we love them.


The wild life starter set is one of two collections available to buy.

We absolutely love Schleich and would highly recommend. Check out the rest of our collection


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