Tech Tuesday - Valentines Day on Netflix #StreamTeam

We don't really do anything exciting for Valentines Day, usually we will grab a takeaway and pick a movie to watch. We usually have to decide which movie a few days in advance otherwise we will end up scrolling through 100's of movies on Valentines Day deciding what to watch. This year we have Netflix so even more movies to choose from, however Netflix have provided us with a list of best Valentines Day films to watch for all types of romantics. 

Quirky Romance - Blind Date

Romantic Dramas - In Your Eyes

Steamy Romantic Movies - Damage

Classic Romantic Movies - Titanic

Romantic Independent Movies - Blue Jay

Critically-acclaimed Romantic British Dramas - An Education

Critically-acclaimed Romantic Movies from the 1960s - Funny Girl

Romantic Tearjerkers based on Books -The End of the Affair  

Romantic Sport Comedies - Chalet Girl

If you are a true romantic film fan, Netflix is your bible - it has nearly every romantic genre you can think of. With over 100 romantic genres on the service, it’s safe to say that Netflix has you covered this Valentine’s Day no matter what Romantic film you’re looking for.

Whether you’re into those critically-acclaimed Romantic Movies from the 1960s (Funny Girl), Quirky Romance (Blind Date),  or Steamy Romantic Movies (Damage) grab your other half and find out the exact romantic genre you can agree on, then settle down on the sofa and let Netflix sort the rest of the evening.


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