Jamie Raven Live 2017

On Tuesday Daddy and I headed to Southport to see Jamie Raven. For those that don't know who he is, Jamie came runner up in the 2015 Britain's Got Talent final. He narrowly lost out to Jules and Matisse by just 2 per cent of the vote. We remembered his performances and loved watching him so we were quite excited to see his live show. We have been to a few magic and illusion shows and whilst they have been okay we have always left the theatre feeling quite underwhelmed. Hopefully Jamie would amaze us and we would be heading home with confused looks on our faces and wondering "How on earth did he do that?'

The show started just after 7:30pm and Jamie came on to the stage, introduced himself and he is a really genuine nice guy. We liked him straight away, there is just something about him. 

The evening was filled with magic to a standard that we have never seen before. We obviously won't spoil it for readers that may see him on this tour or in the future but we can honestly say we were blown away. 

Every trick that was performed had Daddy and I looking at each other in bewilderment. Most of Jamie's magic was performed with the help of willing volunteers from the audience. I noticed that everyone that took to the stage Jamie was really polite and seemed genuinely grateful that they had offered to help him out. The first half of the show had quite a long trick that involved five members of the audience and it was all about coincidences and whether we would witness the biggest coincidence that we would ever see in our lifetimes at the theatre that night. This was my favourite part of the show so far and did have been wondering 'How?'

The second part of the show started with card tricks which Daddy absolutely loves. I too was really impressed. I have to say the second part of the show just seemed to fly by and we were genuinely gutted when it was time for his last trick as we were having such a great night. 

Jamie spoke in-between the magic telling us how he became a fan of magic and just how long he has been doing it professionally. I like that as you got to know him more as person.

At the end of the show Jamie thanked everyone for coming to the theatre and the gentleman that he is, he offered to meet everyone in the foyer for photos. I thought this was a lovely gesture and have only ever seen this happen once in all the years I have visited the theatres and that was Jodie Prenger after watching her in Calamity Jane. 

For us, Jamie Raven is the best magician we have ever seen. He is friendly, easy to watch and seems a genuinely nice person. Watching his magic really did make me believe that magic is actually real. I honestly don't know how he did any of the tricks, it was a flawless performance and we will definitely be seeing Jamie again when he visits up North.



  1. I think he's amazing, would be great to see him live

  2. We loved watching him on BGT and very talented

  3. Ive never heard of him but he looks great and something that id like to take my kiddies to

  4. we went to Wakefield to see him and we thought he was amazing we was also left in amazement.

  5. Magic shows can be great entertainment.

    Rachel Craig


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