How Often Do You Take Your Pet For A Checkup?

10 May 2016

I remember the day when my friend brought home a little puppy. The kids had grown up and weren't as dependant on her any more and she felt a little lost. She was torn between having a baby or getting a dog, the dog won. I couldn't understand it at first because to me a baby and a dog are two completely different things and of course they are but the idea of having something or someone to look after was the same. Someone or thing to need you and rely on you. I guess dogs and babies are quite similar when you think about it. 

Being a Mummy I know looking after a baby can be tough, you have to make sure you keep them safe and away from harm as best you can. They can't tell you how they are feeling, even when they are crying we are never 100% sure what they actually want, need or feel. Having a dog is the same. Being an owner of a pet it is your job, your responsibility to make sure your pet is cared for to the best of your ability. 

Just like babies, pets get unwell and it is important to know what could be causing your pet to feel like this and who to turn to if you need help. I know when we had our two dogs, both my Mum and Dad would make regular visits to the vets to get them checked out and if they needed any treatment it could be given. 

Parasites can hurt our pets both inside and out and we might not be able to see them. Merial Animal Health have created a fun but serious short video called 'The Parasite Party' about the more common parasites that could be found on or in your pet. 

It's important to remember that if your pets are infected then you and your family could be at risk too. I don't remember our dogs having anything really serious but I do remember them having fleas. I remember seeing them in the fur of one of our dogs, Kim. They were only small but you could see them clearly as she had white fur. The fleas lay eggs which fall off into the environment and develop into new adult fleas (did you know that the fleas you can see on your dog or cat only represent 5% of the problem- the rest of the flea population is in the environment in carpets, bedding etc). These new fleas can then jump on to us. Flea bites on humans can be serious so I know we took our dog to the vet and she was treated and sent home with a flea collar on. 

Internal parasites such as worms can also affect pets. Some of these worms can affect people too if they accidentally ingest the eggs, and it’s important to know that children are especially at risk because they often play on the floor or in soil where worm eggs may be found.

If you are unsure about the parasites that could be living on your pet you can visit the Parasite Party website and take a short questionnaire. 6 questions that could provide you with some information on what type of parasites your dog or pet could be exposed to. 

When caring for any pet it’s important to remember these top five tips. 

Wash your hands regularly.

Clean up your pet’s droppings daily.

Do not give your pet uncooked meat/offal.

Treat your pet regularly against parasites as instructed by your vet.

If you have several pets, make sure to treat all of them.

So just like babies, pets need check ups to. They need your help because they rely on you to care for them.



  1. Very useful post, dont have pets but good advice I can pass on.

  2. I have to admit I'm not the best at getting my dog regularly up to date with these things, but it is on my to-do list so thanks for the reminder!

  3. We have a 9 year old Maine Coon, and we try to take her for regular check ups. You can never be too careful.


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