Pampers Little Champions

18 May 2016

My boys have always been outgoing and even from a young age they both had so much energy to get up and go. I do love that they are happy being out and about and active. Little J is taking after his big brother and is constantly kicking a ball around or bouncing on the trampoline. He will stay on the trampoline for hours if I let him, just bouncing away or running round in circles.

I am so pleased to let you know that Pampers are teaming up with our very own sporting hero, Jessica Ennis-Hill (also mum to her own little champion, Reggie) to launch the Pampers Little Champions Campaign - shining a light on the next generation of little athletes and encouraging parents to celebrate their own little champions too.

Little J has always enjoyed moving around and he was one of those babies that would be sat somewhere one minute and the next he would be somewhere else. Whether he was bum shuffling, crawling or walking he was constantly on the go.

I read recently

A walking baby in one day can travel the distance of 29 football fields.                                  

A baby crawls as many steps as an adult walks in one day.

A crawling baby moves 8 times more than an adult just to get to the same place.

A cruising baby in one day can take as many steps as a marathon runner in a race.

To do all of the above our little ones need to be comfortable and as a mummy to her little boy Reggie, Jessica knows how important it is to have the right kit and also our babies need the freedom to move.

Pampers are the only nappies with the NEW revolutionary Magical Pods which are  absorbing channels that help to distribute wetness evenly giving a sag free fit and superior dryness so little ones can show off their champion moves.

Jessica says: ‘As a mum I love being active with Reggie – we have so much fun together and I know that it’s great for his development – that’s why I’ve teamed up with Pampers to encourage mums to celebrate their little one’s champion moves! Our babies are the future generation of medal winning athletes after all…’

Pampers understand that being able to move freely, and in comfort, is beneficial towards babies’ development. Pampers Love, Sleep & Play expert, Dr. Ellie Cannon knows that research shows that an opportunity to move is an opportunity for movement development to happen.

‘Feeling physically free and uninhibited whilst being supported and safe is an important part of a baby’s exploration of the world and physical development. Babies don’t need instructions to learn – they learn through self-discovery and encouragement from those around them. That encouragement comes in all forms: not just a clap from mum and dad, but also being unrestricted in their clothes and nappy. Freedom to move without restriction is a key aspect of your baby’s development environment’

Do you have a little champion at home? I would love to see their champion moves. Tweet me on twitter



  1. Lovely post - and I love your blog design, very cute x

  2. I don't have a little champion yet but my nephew is our little champion lol. Loving this campaign and didnt know how much babies (kids) traveled in distance daily

  3. We use Pampers because we've always found them to be superior in terms of dryness.

  4. Lovely pics of Jessica and the little ones and some very interesting statistics there. At the end of a long day, I would find it entirely believable that a walking baby in one day can travel the distance of 29 football fields!

  5. This is a great campaign and who knew that babies crawled so far!

  6. My sister is like the biggest Pamper Champion there ever was, she refuses to try anything else x

  7. Interesting facts we have used pampers a few times but prefer cloth nappies though.

  8. It's amazing to think how much babies actually move around isn't it, no wonder they sleep so long!

  9. Lovely post! Woweeee! Babies do move around a lot! We used pampers when I was little X

  10. Great for keeping little ones motivated

  11. Anything which encourages kids to be active is good in my book.


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