Cartamundi Disney Cars Racing and Action Game Box Review

13 May 2016

Little J has become a huge Disney Cars fan over the past few months, it's all he is interested in so when we received the Cartamundi Disney Cars game I knew it would be a hit. Playing games is something we have always enjoyed as a family but until recently little J was too young so he never got involved.

There are two games to play

The Racing Game

Race your car across the city using the crazy changing roads and be the first to cross  the finish line.

To play this game you need to assemble the 4 x 3D cars that are included in the box. Little J loved helping with this and went and got his diecast cars to join in too.

The rules for the racing game are very simple, you place a 5x5 grid of cars and each player has to put their chosen car on the start line.

The remaining cars are placed in a pile near the grid. On you turn you pick a card and place it on the grid to create a pathway for your car to pass through.

You can race your car as long as

The road is joined together

You do not pass through a roadworks sign

There are no other cars in the way

The player who creates a clear road to get to the finish line wins.

The Action Game

This was a little too complicated for little J although the rest of us loved this game.

It's very similar to the card game Uno so if you are familiar with the game then you will already know how to play. If not then the object of the game is to get rid of all your cards.

Each player gets 5 cars and the remaining cards are placed in a pile. You turn one card over from the pile and place it in the middle. The first player must put down a card from their 5 cards that either match the colour or number of the face up card.  Play continues round but to make things a little harder there are 5 action cards.

Skip a turn 

Pick up another card from the pack

Pick up two cards from the pack 

Change the direction of play

Wild Card - you can change the colour of the play

Once you have got rid of all your cards you shout 'CARS' and you have won the game

Little J made his own game up too - matching his diecast cars to the cards. 


What We Loved

The 4 x 3D cars. Lots of fun to build and race around the track.

Two games within the pack to play. Both very different.

Each game can be adapted to suit age. We made the racing game a little quicker by doing a 4 x 4 grid to keep little J's attention.

Travel size. Perfect to take away.

What Could Improve

Nothing - we loved it.


The Cartamundi Disney Cars game is suitable from 4 years plus and for 2 to 4 players. Now little J has just turned 3 and he enjoyed one of the games included but the other we may have to wait a while.

You can visit Amazon to buy the Disney Cars game or to view the range.

*we received the game for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own*


  1. What a fun looking game for boys and girls who love cars I think Blake may love this when he is older.

  2. Sebby is cars mad and I know he would love this game. Have bookmarked for his birthday

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  16. Live playing these sorts of games
    Perfect to get my nephews off their ipad and play a proper game

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