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Being a big gamer I was excited to be fortunate enough to be able to secure a PS4 for launch date in the UK.  One of the things I really enjoy with a new console is the unboxing, opening of console and add on PS4 peripherals, and then taking my time to get the set up perfect ready for the first switch on.  

The PS4 itself is a smart looking console, but I was more interested in the PS4 controller, as this is what stays in hand, having read about the new design the tap pad and the light bar that would all seek to make the game enjoyment that bit more. As I like to chat online to friends, either in game or off, the inclusion of a headset is a must for me.

The PS4 controller does not disappoint. It fits well in the hand and the touch pad is a welcome addition to most games replacing the need to enter sub menus for certain actions by a short tap on the pad to access extra actions. The light bar, as far as I have used, does create a nice light in a dark room and can change colour dependant on the game, for example to indicate low health it may turn red.  The one thing that really impressed was the use of sound from the controller. In the game resogun the controller will actually tell you that your health is low - this was a feature i really liked on the Nintendo Wii controller and I'm glad that Sony have adapted and improved on it.

The PS4 headset however does leave a lot to be desired. Think of the headset that comes with some mobile phones these days with one earpiece and a cable with a tiny mic attached and there you have it.  Fit for purpose, but not great for the average online gamer, average sound quality and for chat only.  Plus its in ear which can get uncomfortable after a while.

I was looking for an alternative headset, having used 3rd party brands previously with PS3 and XBOX 360 and have found a range from Gioteck. There are not many options for the latest generation of consoles, however Gioteck offer leading PS4 headsets and hope to be offering PS4 controllers in the near future.

There is a good sized range from Gioteck

Gioteck EX3-R Playstation 4 Headset, Sony, PS4
offers advance and improved sound quality

Gioteck EX-05s Playstation 4 Headset, Sony, PS4 
offering high definition sound and chat capabilities

Gioteck EX-06 Playstation 4 Headset, Sony, PS4
The headset in turn will have a small cable which will connect directly to the PS4 controller for all your chat needs. Simple to setup, and a total, reliable solution from day one.

All of the sets are superior to the ps4 headset that comes bundled with the console and I would recommend any of the sets over use of the included set for any gamer wanting to use the ps4 online chat facility, or even just to run your game through quality headphones.



  1. I am an Xbox gamer so don't really know too much about the playstation side of things, but this will come in handy for when I manage to get my hands on one!

  2. Wow, it's amazing the accessories that they make now for gaming! I hope you are enjoying your new PS4 :)


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