Heat Holder Socks Review

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two pairs of heat holders socks in their packaging
I would guess that if John could change one thing about me he would definitely change my feet. Ever since I can remember I have always had cold feet. It doesn't matter if I have been wearing socks, slippers or shoes they are still icy cold. When I was given the chance to review Heat Holders I instantly thought there would be no way they could make my blocks of ice into toastie toes. We were sent two pairs so John and I decided to give them a try.

Before we tried the socks I browsed the Heat Holders website and it confirms that Heat Holders have a TOG rating of 2.3 whereas a basic cotton sock has just 0.33.

A close up of a pair of heat holders socks 
They are the ULTIMATE Thermal sock and are the warmest in the world.

packaging of Heat holder socks
When I took them out the packaging I was convinced that there must be more than 1 pair per pack because they were so thick but there was only one pair inside.

A pair of heat holder socks lay out on the floor
At first I wasn't keen on the inside of the sock it was very fluffy and although the feel of things doesn't normally bother me it felt like I was putting my feet into a pile of cotton wool.

The inside of a heat holder sock
The inside of a heat holder sock
The outside is just plain with a small Heat Holders Logo.

The heat holder logo on a pair of socks
After a short while I got used to the feel of the inside of the socks and started to enjoy my warm feet.

heat holder sock on a mans foot
John tried his and his first thought was that it felt like he was walking on snow. They felt really soft on his feet and he instantly felt the warmth.

heat holder sock on a mans foot
After 10 minutes my feet felt so warm and when I took them off it was up to John to test if my feet were as cold as usual.

I am pleased to say they were nice and toastie.

John now wants me to wear them just before bed each night now so I don't have cold feet under the covers :)

The true test will be when we go on our spring walks and I team them up with my boots. I will definitely post an update shortly.

A list of stockists can be found by visiting Heat Holders website or can be purchased from Amazon 



  1. I LOVE Heat Holders! My boyfriend and I each have a pair, and actually we're both onto our 3rd pairs now because we've worn the last ones out from too much use!! I also get really cold feet and these definitely do the trick :)

    1. Looking forward to getting mine back out in the winter

  2. I cannot explain how much I need a pair of these socks - I basically live in my wellies and my feet are always getting cold - sound amazing

    laura x

  3. These socks are fab and great for the wintry days :) x

  4. I love these socks....I have loads of pairs of them and couldn't be without them now :)

  5. I have some of these but didn't find they kept my feet very warm - I must have very cold feet!

    1. Mine are always toasty when wearing them

  6. I need these in my life! I always have cold feet too! x

    I recently posted: Classic Baking Book Review

    1. I used to have cold feet... Not anymore :D


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