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front cover of a Dear Mum from you to me journalisms
Anyone who knows me knows I have books and pads for everything. I write everything down. I am always writing lists, blog ideas, notes and I always get a new diary at Christmas too. Writing your thoughts and ideas down is a great way to save your memories and look back on them later in life. When I found From You to Me I instantly loved the idea so I was so pleased when I got the chance to receive a Dear Mum Journal - From You to Me

From You to Me Journals are a way for you to write down memories and experiences but not just for yourself to pass on to a loved one. Each Journal is filled with questions for you to complete and share.

I was sent a Dear Mum Journal and the idea is you give this as a gift to your mum and she would complete it and when she has finished she will pass back to you.

Big J and little J are going to give this to me for Mothers Day and I will complete it and when I am finished they can read it and keep it.

I couldn't wait to flick through the pages to see what questions I would be answering so before it goes away to be wrapped I took a sneak peek.

inside a from you to me journal
Inside the hardback Journal is an introduction to the book, telling you how it works.

inside a Dear Mum journal - from you to me
Then there is a page to write a personal note.

Inside a dear mum journal from you to me
Each page has a question at the top.

I had a look at some of the questions and at the beginning it is about 'Mum'

'Tell me about the time and place you were born...'
'Tell me about your mum and dad...'
'What were your favourite toys or games...'

Then there are questions about meeting 'Dad'

'What would you do for a night-out when you were dating?'
'Tell me about a memorable piece of music that you and Dad had just for you...'
'Describe a special day you had with my father...'

Then it has questions about your son/daughter.

'How did you feel when you found out you were pregnant with me?'
'What did you think when you first saw me after I was born?
'Describe what you like about me...'

Then it asks questions about 'Mum' again

'Describe Some you still want to achieve in your life...'
'Describe your memory of some major world events that have happened in your lifetime...'
'What is your biggest regret in life?'

Dear Mum Journal has around 60 questions to answer and I honestly cannot wait to get stuck in and hand back to my boys to read.

inside a from you to me dear mum journal
There is a page summary about Mum towards the back of the book.

back cover of a dear mum journal - from you to me
I have said it before but I find buying for Mothers Day quite stressful. You want to treat your mum to something special but its quite difficult not to get her something similar to what you have bought the previous years. There never seems to be a lot of choice, it is very much the same year in and year out. I think this would make a lovely gift that she would enjoy completing and handing back to you to read.

To make the journal extra special you can make the front cover personal by uploading your own photos

There are lots of other Journals to choose from depending on your relationship with the recipient or occasion.

Dear Mum is currently priced at £12.99 and can be purchased by visiting From You to Me



  1. This is a wonderful idea - I've sent the link to hubby ;) used to write a diary as a teenager and into my early twenties. Kind of wish I had kept doing it, it's amazing to read back of my thoughts!

    1. I love writing in my diary. So nice to look back at what you have done or how you felt. Can't wait to write in this x

  2. Nice to meet you and what a lovely journal.

  3. I actually got this for my mum this Christmas, and she loved it! They do the same journals for all different members of the family, such a lovely thoughtful gift I think! x

    1. It is lovely. I've been looking at the other ones too.

  4. this is such a sweet idea and could be good for someone like me who finds it hard to talk but eas to write and type to convey feelings

  5. This sounds like a lovely idea. I always struggle to remember to fill in books like this though, my baby books were greatly neglected!

    1. I can forget sometimes bit I'm gonna put the effort in with this one. :)

  6. Bit of a niche idea this... I like it! Great review xx

  7. I love this idea!!! great review x

  8. Sounds like a lovely idea :)


  9. I love the sound of this. What a fabulous idea. Thanks for reviewing :)

  10. I have this! I have one for each of my girls and we also have the grandma ones -I'm waiting for the girls to be a bit older so they can ask me the questions and write down my answers themselves.


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