Afternoon Tea On Board The Floating Grace

John and I are always looking for places to go for date days and nights. Whilst looking online for something to do, John recently came across The Floating Grace. The Floating Grace is Liverpool's only floating restaurant and bar. 

The Floating Grace Boat

What To Expect On Board The Floating Grace, Salthouse Quay, Liverpool L3 4AE
The Floating Grace is docked in the Salthouse Quay within The Albert Dock. There are a choice of cruises available which will take you on a historical tour of the Albert Dock taking in beautiful views of 8 of Liverpool's Docks. 

We bought an afternoon cruise and boarded the boat just before 2pm. The seating plans were already arranged and we were shown to our table for two. There were tables of two, four and six on our cruise and it was at full capacity. 

views from the salthouse quay

Once seated we chatted amongst ourselves, looking at the views whilst the staff came and took our drinks order. There is a bar on board, no draught beers or soft drinks but plenty of choice of bottled beers, wines, Prosecco and soft drinks. A drinks menu is on your table upon arrival for you to glance over. If you don't want to order drinks that is absolutely fine as you will be served tea or coffee with your afternoon tea. 

views from the salthouse quay

The captain introduced himself shortly before setting sail at 2:30pm. He did a safety chat letting the passengers know where to find life vests and emergency exit. He was able to give us lots of information about the different docks we sailed in and out of and so much history. It was quite obvious that he loved the docks and his passion really came across. 

Afternoon Tea on board the floating grace

Afternoon Tea on board the floating grace

Afternoon tea was served shortly after the cruise began. The three tiered afternoon tea had ham and tomato, tuna and mayonnaise, cheese and onion and egg mayonnaise sandwiches. Two scones with clotted cream and jam, two small pieces of lemon drizzle cake, two small cupcakes, two coconut macaroons and two wafer biscuits. It was more than enough for two. 

Your tea and coffee is served to you in large mugs. You do not have your own teapot however we were asked if we wanted a top up of tea. 

The staff on board were very friendly and approachable. The lady serving us was the captains wife and the waiter seemed like a family friend. The cruise had a lovely feel to it and was very enjoyable. 

views from The Floating Grace

The captain spoke about the history all the way along the docks and it was so interesting to hear. Once we had reached the end of the docks and we could not go any further the captain switched off his mic and we sailed back to some music. 

We boarded at 2pm and we got back to the Salthouse Quay at just before 4pm. The price for the cruise is £20 per person. 

Anything Else?
The afternoon tea cruise runs Wednesday to Saturday

There is an evening dinner cruise which again runs Wednesday to Saturday. Enjoy a three course meal on board with a glass of bubbly on arrival. Boarding at 7pm, set sail at 7:30pm and return at 9pm. The price for the evening dinner cruise is £35.

You can also enjoy a Sunday lunch cruise on board The Floating Grace. The 2 hour cruise offers a 2 course lunch with a glass of bubbly on arrival. You can choose to board at 12pm or 3pm. The price for the Sunday lunch is £25 per person. 

If you have any allergies or specific dietary requirements you can let them know beforehand via email or in the comments when booking. 

man and woman eating afternoon tea

We really enjoyed our cruise on The Floating Grace. It was a lovely relaxed atmosphere, great food and lots of historical information. We would definitely like to book another cruise to experience the Sunday Lunch or Evening Dinner.

To find out more about the cruises, menus and booking information visit The Floating Grace.

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Brickosaurs Brick Trail, Blackburn

Disclosure - We were invited to complete the Brickosaurs Brick Trail for the purpose of this post. We have been compensated for our time. 

Brickosaurs Brick Trail comes to Blackburn this Summer from 20th August - 1st September. It's the perfect day out for dinosaur fans as you roam around the town centre in search of 15 large Brickosaur models. 

brickosaurs brick dinosaur

What To Expect At The Brickosaurs Brick Trail, The Mall, Blackburn BB1 5AF
If you want to take part in this years Brickosaurs Brick Trail then all you need to do is head to The Mall Ask Me Point to pick up a trail map and quiz. From here you can then follow the trail to find all 15 models. If you would prefer to be more interactive, you can download the free experience Blackburn app to join in with the QR code trail. Both trails will give you the chance to win a prize too. 

dinosaur made out of bricks

If you would like an sneak peak of where you can expect to see the dinosaurs this year here are some confirmed locations 

Trespass, The Mall
Rhode Island Coffee, The Mall
Victoria Court, The Mall
New Look, The Mall
Blackburn Market – mini trail
Ainsworth Street (rear of Boots), The Mall
Primark, The Mall
Grays Outfitters, Northgate
Morrisons, Salford
Blackburn Cathedral, Darwen Street / Cathedral Square
Hobkirks Sewing Machines, Darwen Street
King George’s Hall, Northgate
Blackburn Library, Town Hall Street

dinosaur made out of bricks

The highlights this year include a whopping 2m tall Velociraptor and a Parasaurolophus measuring over 3m in length, made of over 113,600 bricks!

It's such a family friendly fun event and we completed a similar trail a few years ago when Paw Patrol took over the town centre and we went on a Paw Patrol trail. It was a great day out and one we still talk about now as we saw some parts of Blackburn we hadn't seen before. I know this trail will be just as fun and to make it even better it's free to join in. 

The Brickburn Brickosaurs trail is led by Blackburn BID (Business improvement district) and focuses on 'Summer being what you MAKE of it'

If you do join in the trail I would love to know please do tag us in your social media posts @playdaysrunways and also include @experiencebbn #brickburn and #brickosaurs.

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Breakout Liverpool, The Detective Office

One of the things we have really missed over the last year and a half is date nights. John and I love heading out but not for the usual trip to a restaurant or cinema, we love doing something different. One of our favourite things to do is an escape room. We have visited quite a few escape rooms and also played lots of escape room games at home. We recently played our first Breakout room in a long while, The Detective Office. 

Breakout Liverpool

The Detective Office
Oh no! A dear detective friend of ours has been murdered. As we were the last people to see him alive there is a warrant for our arrest. We are definitely not the killers but we must prove our innocence and find out the real killer. We have managed to sneak in to the building where the detectives office is and we know that all the officers will leave for a one hour lunch. We have an idea that our friend the detective would have left clues to help us solve the mystery of his murder, who the killer is and prove our innocence.  We manage to sneak in to the detectives office, shut the door and we have just 60 minutes to find out who the killer is and escape arrest. 

Once inside the room you can expect to find lots of locks which need to be opened by key, numbers or codes. The idea is you search high and low to try and find clues which might help to solve the puzzles and escape. 

There is a large TV on the wall which will show the clock. This will count down from 60:00 to the time you escape or to 0:00 if you don't manage to break out.

The screen will also offer you clues if you are stuck. It will get your attention by playing a sound. While we were inside we found a key which we were certain opened a specific lock but it didn't. We got a message on the screen to let us know it was the right lock and to keep trying giving it a little wiggle. 

The Detective Office is rated 3 out of 5 for difficulty. We haven't tried a 4 out of 5 yet...maybe next time. 

Each Breakout room is suitable for 2-5 people. Detective Office actually have two identical rooms so would be ideal if you were a larger group and maybe wanted to race. 

Prices vary depending on the number of players and also the day of the week. 

For more information visit Breakout

man and woman escape room

Both John and I were nervous upon entering The Detectives Office as we have a 100% escape record and we would like to try and keep it. Did we escape - Yes we did, just! We had about 1 minute and 45 seconds to go but we made it. We found out who the killer was and proved our innocence. 

This was my favourite of the Break Out rooms we have done so far. It took us the longest but I really enjoyed the story and the puzzles were good. 

To view the range of rooms available and for more information visit Breakout

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Covid Rules For Travelling To France

When we decided to visit Disneyland Paris for the first time since the pandemic began we knew that there would be a lot of research to be done on making sure we followed all the Covid rules for travelling, regulations and protocols. Our safety is obviously important and we wanted to make sure we travelled as safely as possible and compliantly. There are lots of covid rules for travelling to France but after much research we had a very safe and stress free trip.

a plane wing above the clouds

The main things to consider for travelling abroad this Summer and into Autumn are the status and rules of both the country you want to visit from the UK's perspective and how the country you want to visit considers the UK from the same point of view. We wanted to visit France so the two important things would be the status of France from UK - Currently Amber, and the status of the UK from France - Currently Amber. This could be different if the country you are visiting considers the UK higher risk - which would make travelling back to the UK possibly more difficult. The traffic light system for the countries can also change at any point so it is very important to keep an eye on the website for travel updates. 

The Covid Rules For Travelling To France From The UK
Firstly we checked the rules on visiting France - what did we need to do before travelling and whilst at the Airport.  We are all fully Vaccinated against Covid-19 with the exception of Little J who is under the age for vaccination. In order to travel to France we only needed to be able to prove our vaccination status through the NHS app - using the travel section, and complete a 'sworn' statement available on the French governments website, bringing this with us after printing and signing. 

At the UK airport we needed to wear face coverings and present our NHS vaccination evidence at check in only.  Everything else was as it would usually be in the airport. No changes to security or boarding times at all. 

Flying From The UK To France
While on the plane, we flew with Air France. A face covering is to be worn at all times. They insisted on the medical face masks, the standard low cost face coverings that you can buy in most places. If you boarded we a mask that wasn't the medical face mask they did provide you with one. 

Air France also provided us with a questionnaire, which asked us where we would be staying, how to contact us and how long we would be staying for. This was similar to the 'sworn statement' which we actually didn't have to show to anyone in the end. 

There was no onboard service such as snacks and drinks. 

Arriving In France
At Paris CDG airport - we only needed to show our passports to get through security and then it was just a case of collecting cases as usual - all with your face covering still in place. 

In France
During our stay we found that all restaurants, and to actually get in to Disneyland Paris required evidence of either full vaccination or a negative PCR test taken within the previous 48 hours. They call it a health pass in France but it is just your covid passport status which can be found on your NHS app.
Masks are needed at all times except when eating. 

Travelling To The UK From France
Coming home to the UK is a little more complex but once you know what you need to do its easy enough. 

Firstly you need to obtain a negative Test within the 48 hours before your flight home. Either an Antigenic test or a PCR test is acceptable - the Antigenic is cheaper and quicker with results within 15 minutes.

We prebooked our tests using the link from the Disneyland Paris website - it was a simple process, however we found that the costs changed depending on the time you want your test taken.  We took out at 9.30 am and the cost for three tests (as Little J doesn't need one to travel) was just on 50 Euros. If we wanted them half an hour later - the cost doubled! 

You then need to complete the UK Passenger Locator Form found on the UK Government website. This can only be completed within the 48 hours before you travel home so you have to remember to do it!  Once you have completed the form - one for each traveller (for this one Little J was included on my form as a travelling minor) you can download it to your phone or device as you will need to show it at the airport. 

At the Airport in France you will need to show your proof of negative PCR or Antigenic Test and your completed Passenger Locator Form, along with proof of vaccination if asked for it.  We didn't actually have to provide anything except passports and boarding passes until a few minutes before boarding and at this point they are keen to get everyone on the plane so being prepared with your results and forms is essential. 

Finally as France is currently on the UK Amber list you need to have a full PCR test within 48 hours of arrival back in the UK. This can be booked at one of many testing centres, even at the airport, or we chose to have tests posted to us which we could complete ourselves and drop off at a local drop off point - our results came back the next morning after drop off. 

We had a great time visiting Disneyland Paris and once we knew what we needed to do the inconvenience of testing and form filling didn't really give us any problems, it's something I think we will need to get used to if we want to travel again for the foreseeable future. 

Please do remember to check the most up to date travel information as unfortunately it can change at any time, even when you are abroad. 

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Visiting Goin Golf, Stoke on Trent

Disclosure - We were invited to Goin' Golf for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. 

Goin' Golf is a new virtual golf experience that has recently opened in Stoke On Trent. It is the biggest golf simulator experience in the UK with seven individual bays that you can book for the length of time that suits you.

Goin' Golf, Stoke on Trent

When you play on a simulator at Goin' Golf you can choose to bring your own clubs, or borrow a set to use for your round. Goin' Golf supply the balls, which are all good quality brands that you may use yourself. If you have a spare hour you can actually get a full round of 18 holes in, on a course of your choice from over 190 available.  There are many reasons why you might want to play golf indoors - No need to walk the length of the course and you wont get stuck behind a group of slower players. There is also no adverse weather conditions to worry about either which means you will always get your full round in no matter how bad the rain outside may be. 

We chose to borrow a set of clubs from the centre as we didn't have my clubs with us at the time we visited. All clubs looked new and all had been cleaned before use. For the three of us playing we actually were given 3 sets - one mans, one ladies and one children's set which I didn't expect at all. 

Goin' Golf, Stoke on Trent
Goin' Golf, Stoke on Trent

We had the choice to play on one of the many courses, or play some of the arcade games available. We started with the arcade games and played both block breaker and darts. These are brilliant games for younger players and although Little J hasn't played golf before he loved the games and didn't want to come off them! While we played we got drinks, the menu lists everything available. We got a Latte, Pepsi Max and a Skittles Milkshake which went down very well!  Each simulator has its own sitting area where you can relax whilst waiting your turn or just take some time out for a drink. 

Goin' Golf, Stoke on Trent

Goin' Golf, Stoke on Trent
After we played the arcade games it was on to Pebble Beach to try the course out. You could choose your tee height, and use a large controller on the floor to move your angle of aim before taking your shot.  The simulator is intelligent and knows when the ball should be on the tee and when it should be on the floor. Once you have set your shot up you just need to pick your club and away you go.  

Initially I found the fact that I was indoors a bit different.  My swing was shortened and a little rushed as I thought I might hit the ceiling or maybe hit the ball too hard at the screen in front. After a few shots I was able to relax and play as I would outside. You soon get used to the space you have available - which is plenty and the ball always drops down from the screen once hit to be returned into the machine. 

The accuracy of the simulator seemed spot on. I have a natural slice to my driving which was unfortunately replicated on the simulator! Putting was a little difficult to get used to but again after a few holes you get the hang of it. 

Goin' Golf, Stoke on Trent

Once we finished we went to have a look around the building which is really impressive. The owner really loves his golf and that is evident from the decoration and the time that has gone into setting Goin' Golf up. There are some lovely pictures of golfing greats, an enormous upstairs putting green, and 2 VIP rooms where the simulator will actually replicate the lie of the ball as on a real course, whether that be on an angle or in sand or rough. The toilets where very clean and easy to access. 

Goin' Golf, Stoke on Trent

We really enjoyed our time at Goin' Golf and it was fun for us all. You can join up as a member to receive discounts on future visits which we have done.  

For more information and to book visit Goin' Golf

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Horrible Histories Board Game Giveaway

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Disclosure - We were sent the product below for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own unless stated. This post contains affiliate links. 

There are just a couple of weeks left now till the end of the Summer holidays and then we will begin looking forward to our favourite seasons Autumn and Winter. I love the darker evenings, watching movies and playing board games. Little J is at the age now where he likes to play board games that take a little bit more thinking but still lots of fun. We cannot wait to play the newest addition to our collection, Horrible Histories board game.

Horrible Histories Board Game

The Horrible Histories board game is a family friendly board game that is not only lots of fun but educational too. Take a journey through history answering multiple choice questions along the way or acting out charades. 

Be careful not to stumble upon Rattus and his cheeky and tricky chance cards. 

Horrible Histories board game

Horrible Histories Board Game is suitable for 2-4 players and is aimed at 8 years and above. 

If you would like to be in with the chance to win the Horrible Histories game all you need to do is complete the entry form below before 11:59pm on the 5th September. After this date one lucky winner will be chosen and contacted within 7 days. For bonus chances to win make sure you pop back daily. 

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Stop The Signs Of Ageing With Botox

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People have been searching for means to stay young and look their best irrespective of their ages for years. Although it is still not possible for you to stop your body from ageing, you can still minimise the signs of ageing with a very effective Botox treatment. Botox is a treatment that is very popular on areas around the face.

Doctors clinic

Lose The Bunny Lines With BOTOX
Bunny lines are those fine lines that appear on the skin around your nose when you wrinkle it. These lines can often extend from the bridge of your nose to your lower eyelid. Botox injections can put an end to this but make sure that the doctor administering the injection has had experience treating this particular sign of ageing, for the best results.

It Can Be Used To Eradicate Crow’s Feet From The Corner Of Your Eyes
Crow’s feet are the fine lines that appear on the skin present at the corner of your eyes at times when you smile or laugh really hard. These are some of the worst signs of ageing that can give way to the fact that you are getting old!

Say Goodbye To Frown Lines
Frown lines are fine lines on your skin that make an appearance on the skin on your forehead when you furrow your eyebrows as you get upset, tired or angry. These lines take up a prominent space as your facial feature with age and Botox injections in this region of your body can help reduce the prominence of frown lines by many folds.

Smoker’s Lines Can Be Reduced As Well
As you age, you can develop perioral or popularly known as smoker’s lines. These will appear when you fan out the skin surrounding your lips.

Neck Cords Or Neck Bands Are Also Reduced Using Botox
As you age, the skin on your neck may start showing cords or simply saggy skin that results in the formation of lines. You can get Botox injected into the platysma muscles of your neck and say goodbye to neckbands. It also relaxes the muscles of your jawline thus giving you a non-invasive neck lift easily!

Botox is a safe treatment and it is recognised by the apex authorities of countless countries including the UK. The trick lies in the fact that you are getting the treatment from a revered skin clinic. Hence, when you search for ‘Botox clinics near me’ on the internet, make sure you are booking your Botox treatment appointment at a clinic that has been operating for a while and has a stellar online and offline reputation, for the best results.

Disclosure - this is a collaborative post 

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The Jungle Cruise Movie Review

Disclosure - We already have a Disney+ account through a previous collaboration. Our account has since been upgraded to include Premier Access to watch The Jungle Cruise. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own unless stated. This post contains affiliate links. 

Friday 30th July saw the release of the new Disney movie The Jungle Cruise. It was released in both the cinema and on Disney+ Premier Access. We do usually love to head to the cinema to watch new releases however we haven't been to the cinema in over 18 months and would much rather create a cinema movie night at home these days. 

Jungle Cruise

The jungle cruise ride at Magic Kingdom

Even though we are huge Disney fans, until 2017 we had no idea what The Jungle Cruise was. We boarded the cruise in the Magic Kingdom and had no idea what to expect. None of us had a clue what was happening and we left the boat feeling confused although the other passengers were thrilled and excited. There was a buzz in the air. 

Now after seeing the movie The Jungle Cruise I definitely understand the ride now and know why it is so iconic. 

The movie follows the story of Dr Lily Houghton and her brother MacGregor. They both head to South America in search of a skipper who can navigate a boat through the Amazon in search for a mythical tree which has flowers called 'Tears Of The Moon' which are said to have healing powers for all illnesses. They soon find Frank who offers jungle cruises to tourists. They set sail on the Amazon in search for the tree but soon realise they are not the only ones on this adventure. There are others searching for the Tears Of The Moon including long forgotten conquestadors, and as the film takes place in the time of World War I there are also soldiers in submarines looking for the same prize. 
There are lots os surprises along the way, not least the story of Frank which I won't give away here. 

I wasn't too sure about Emily Blunt being cast as Dr lily Houghton as she is already a popular Disney Character, Mary Poppins in Mary Poppins Returns however she does suit the role perfectly. Dwayne Johnson as Frank is a fun character full of corny jokes and I like the chemistry between him and Lily.

The movie has the same feel as Indiana Jones and also The Mummy. It's a family friendly comedy with lots of action and adventure. 

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